We need more Game Modes


we need more types of games, not just hunt, i know this is just the beginning, but is a bit boring always the same.


The devs are working on updating the game modes to be more fun for the new players and leaving the most fun game mode in, not to mention the number of bug associated with the other game modes pre F2P, hence the term BETA.


They are going to add in, after they’ve been balanced, the other game modes- Nest (destroying monster eggs), Rescue (protecting Colonists) and Defend (defending several generators and a spaceship) and then the Evacuation campaign. Once they have been balanced, I think they’ll be a blast.


There were more modes in the past and it proved to be ineffective. Some of the already small playerbase didn’t like playing those over Hunt. Additionally it was a complaint of those that avoided/dropped the game. Not only this but they were grossly unbalanced. The Devs are currently focusing as much of their efforts with bug fixes, balance changes, cosmetics, adaptations, and generally making Hunt the best mode it can be.

After that? Who knows.


We had lots of different game modes before, evacuation, rescue ( Its legacy map now ). but it just didn’t work.

Most of the players were looking for competitive aka ranked, and im glad TRS is moving towards this direction now.


Cant forget about Nest!


While I agree that most older players seem to only play Hunt (and maybe Arena) I would like to see some of those old gamemodes put back into custom games. That way people can still play them for a bit of fun, even though they won’t be as balanced as good ol’ Hunt.