We need an Experimental Branch

PC only of course plenty of us in the community are more than willing to help you guys test out the new balances. You guys claim to like numbers right?

Wat. With this player numbers right now this would be merely a twig.

If there was an experimental group I dont think it would be PC only.-__-

Yeah because they have millions of people trying out their experimental tweaks that are atm only tested in house.(you know those that may or may not be in the patch)

Then you might as well just release the patch…

OP is offering a bigger sample size for future patches. You are already dishing out a dumb comment calling it a small number, although the experimental stuff is not tested by a lot of people.
The next comment showcases that you don’t even get what the OP wants.

OP wants to help the developers to find the perfect number without us going through 5 patches but instead e.g. 2. If they release the patch and we play it and telemetry then points to a flaw that will only be fixed with the next patch. That could have been avoided if there was a sample size big enough on the first iteration.

You mean like the CTE servers for Battlefield?

Exactly like CTE on BF4 or DayZ’s experimental branch.

I was about to make a thread of this myself.

They’ll only save themselves time/money/resources in the long run by letting the PC players test it out. Sorry console players but with Microsoft/Sony Q/A this would never come to console.

A) Wat
B) To seperate the community in the same way press builds did?
C) Every platform would need their own test group
D) Finally, who would you give access to? And why?

B)Your not separating the community not everyone will go into this it’ll probably be a small percentage
C) This is more to test balance changes so no not every platform would need it, just PC where they can hotfix everything via Steam and once they’re happy with it they can push it to the stable version of Evolve on PC as well as consoles.
D) Anyone who has Evolve on PC can access the feature to test the latest balances.

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Hey, before anyone starts calling this a bad idea, just look at LoL’s Public Beta Environment. Works great, and no one complains. Granted, the community is also well-established, buuut… Still a good concept that works well.

You mean something like BF4’s CTE? I could dig it.

The bottom line is they need a bigger sample size to determine whether the balances actually balance the game. Even if its a few hundred players that’s more than just TRS.

I totally agree. Something like the Smite PTS (Private Test Servers) are open for anyone that is willing to download another client.

This helps SO MUCH as people give feedback on if the upcoming items/god fixes are good. On the PTS they were going to make a horrid filter for Anubis’s voice pack (He has one of the best voice actors in the game.) and after enough complaint threads they scrapped it.

Same could go for Evolve but balance-wise.

Alright, you pretty much explained it. I could agree on that.

The only thing that bugs me off is no platform parity… but I get why that is.

Thanks for taking your time to answer.

Now if only a Dev would see this and at least shoot us down lol.