We need an ESL winners skin


It would be pretty cool and it would let public game players know when they’re playing against a pro monster.


On the one hand, cool, ESL.

One the other hand, people could be hard core dicks about it and I don’t like the exclusivity factor.

On my third magical hand protruding from my abdomen, you may realize we kind of already have that because every two weeks there is a tournament held over the weekend that anyone can enter and compete in and the prize for this, “biweekly” if you will, is the exclusive and elusive Taurus Goliath Skin.


I only know of a handful of pros that are genuine DBs. Most pros are friendly people. Now it’s exclusive, but not impossible to obtain. Assemble a team, and join the competitive scene. As for the weekend tourneys, the one my friends won caused a little bit of anger from the other players because they didn’t like pros participating.


Who cares about them? (I don’t mean your friends, I mean the people getting mad at them. Anyone who wants to join the community biweekly can because it’s the COMMUNITY biweekly)

Also, some people can’t form ESL teams for a multitude of reasons, some being that people may be too young (age minimum is 18), they don’t have the time to spend prepping for major ESL events, they don’t have the money and resources to put into a professional teams, and they’re probably many more reasons I could think of that I’m too hungry and tired to think of.

It’s a lot easier and more practical for the community as a whole to scrounge up some Evolve friends, have a couple friendly practice rounds with them, and go and try out the biweekly tournament, than it is too get a team of dedicated players that are willing to train hour after hour nonstop to compete in a major ESL event.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I can not argue correctly right now. It’s 6:01. I fell asleep at 4:50. I woke up at 5:30. Now I must go to school. I shall return to read your response when I’ve had some coffee and pancakes.


Well we care because it’s already a small community (PC). We want people to stick around and help us grow.

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so an njp only skin? Kappa

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Epex and my team HYPE! Have won it recently as well.