We need ability to rejoin game

It’s unacceptable to play ranked without that system. And the biggest problem - not only your cat/dog/gf or any other domestic pet could disconnect you. The game itself is not stable! So it should be in game from the scratch. This is ridiculous that you can get 20 min penalty after a crash.

And the second suggestion - reduce/remove the point loss(only loss) for losing with bot on your side. Monster should get same points coz it’s not his fault and that would be unfair to him.

Not sure if it is a good idea not to count matches with bot at all(for hunters).


Didn’t you make this post already? I could’ve sworn I just read this.

I’ve decided to create a thread about it in the appropriate forum section, this is quite H U G E issue which requires it’s own thread for discussion and bringing devs attention.


I would really like to have an option to rejoin the match, since noone else could take over that bot I left behind anyway.
As a hunter, my teammates wouldn’t need to send me an invite first, which might be difficult in the heat of a fight, and as a monster I might want to finish my round against a good hunter team.
Also this should be a way to bypass the penalty timer (if I got one from disconnecting), because I clearly wanted to stay in that match.

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Agreed. There must be some re-join button and game should be auto paused for a little while to allow crashed/dc’d person to re-join. If he didn’t rejoin within this period of time then he’ll get deserter penalty. As was already mentioned here:

Now that we have ranked mode this is more important than ever.

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I think this is a bug, the game was intended to allow you to join by invitation only from what i hear, but atm it just doesn’t work.

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I think it should be possible to vote for a pause (like you can vote for a restart).

An automatic pause would be annoying.

Sure, but if it’s one of hunters who disconnected, then monster shouldn’t be able to affect voting result (unlike the way it works for restart, 4 hunters vote yes, 1 monster votes no and result is NO). And if monster is the one who crashes than obviously pause should be automatic. But all these extra conditions might make it more complicated to implement so even auto pause for both sides is a better option than no pause or possibility to re-join at all.


“The connection to your previous session has been lost or no longer exists” from character selection screen!


Im fucking done, I dont understand this studio, how it’s even possible

Just happened to me, got a 10 minute timeout. I’ve got 6 wins and 6 losses as monster - 5 of those losses are crashes and server disconnects. I’m a bit miffed, to say the least.

EDIT: I should note the most recent crash that gave me the timeout was only 60 seconds into the game. Two of my crashes actually happened before that - once at the character select screen and once just after character select before the game actually begins.

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I really like this idea.

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Pausing might be difficult, I think, but letting the match continue with a bot and giving the player a total of set amount of time they’re allowed to be disconnected before being considered a deserter is pretty standard.

DOTA being the current poster child uses 5 minutes, but those matches are much longer. The idea stands, though. Even if you disconnect from a game multiple times, as long you weren’t disconnected for more than 5 minutes of the match total you don’t get the deserter penalty - though you draw the ire of your teammates, which might be even worse.

After my anger went away I got into game.

So, it’s official, Hunt 2.0 made game so competitive so it’s possible to lose in the character selection screen. GG WP.

AHAHAHA, minus ~20 points.

Agreed tbh

Currently, if you are a Hunter and are disconnected from the match, you can be invited back by the other hunters via their pause menu. On PC, the person must be on your friends list, but I believe you can invite through recent players on Xbox and PS4. You are able to invite anyone on your friends list to fill an empty slot in this fashion.

What I’d like to happen (and I don’t know if it already works this way) is that if you crash you don’t get a loss until the game ends, so if you are invited back into the game you are able to avoid getting the loss from your disconnect by rejoining and finishing the match.

Also I’d like an option where you can just rejoin your last match as long as it isn’t over yet, so that you can avoid a loss as monster if you disconnect and you can rejoin your hunter game in case you were queueing up solo.

(personally I don’t think Hunt 2.0 should’ve been released without a way to save yourself from a loss if you had a legitimate crash, especially with how crash/problem prone the game can be for a lot of people)

So there’s a hole here for pub matches on the PC where you wouldn’t be on the Friends list of your team-mates. A “find last match and rejoin” from the Multiplayer menu, if such a thing is technically practicable, would fill that gap.

I’ll be sure to pass along your suggestion. Thanks for the feedback!

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Love how a gf counts as a domestic pet :joy: I agree dude I just made the same thread and didn’t know you had put this here.

Just got a one hour penalty for getting dashboarded (which they claimed to have fixed in the patch notes) right before the game started

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