We need a spider. So here's what you do


I know that some of the people there at TRS may have some level of arachnaphobia.
A few may even have such severe cases that require therapy due to past experiences.

You take those people out of therapy, put them in a room together and say “Make the scariest spider monster you can, or we fill this room with tarantulas”

The beast that results from this, will transcend fear. It will be forged of anguish, suffering, nightmares, and terror.


Please no. I rather fight Wraith every match (I pretty much already do) than fight a spider monster. Arachnaphobia isn’t a joke man.


Arachnid monster would be amazing, or just something insectoid in general.


Come on man an insect monster would be awesome and you know it!


Depends on the insect. I can’t stand spiders or most insects but I’d be fine with a fly lol.


Any kind of insect would satisfy me :] something similar to a hornet would awesome i.m.o.


Yeah, any kind of creepy crawly would be awesome, be it arachnid, insect, or whatever the hell a centipede is… but a giant arachnid inspired monster, with lots of black beady eyes staring down the hunters… that would be the best =D

Look man… I just need some giant spider in my life.


Hey man I’m with ya although I don’t mind if it isn’t a spider as long as it’s insect like


Something to the likeness of Shelob would be good/freaky


Too “just a big spider” though.

I mean I like giant spiders, they’re awesome. But it has to be a giant ALIEN spider.


With pincers, four pincers oh and a pointy tail. Make it so it can climb any surface so the sucker can crawl up the walls of the map. (within reason so it can’t get up out of the map)


And a mouth like the sand worms from Dune.

It’s traversal ability could be just a short burst in movement speed, the trade off being it can climb surfaces extremely quickly.


Ugh god I can’t even imagine the thought of fighting a stage 3 spider with hairy legs :frowning: argh.


Nice, for an ability I want minions. Daisy sized spider bots, one minion per level on the skill.

Needs a web ability to immobilize people who step on the ground when you shoot it.