We need a Medic for our ESL team (PS4)

We need a medic who’s ready to compete straight off the bat and who has a lot of experience with multiple medics. We’re looking to compete every Sunday. We need someone who is dedicated and willing to practice every day. We want to win.

Is space not your medic?

I’m going to guess ps4?

No, he’s not. Rynoh setup an account for him and he accidentally used his account to sign up. Ours just left us.

Yes, on PS4. Only competition really.

I edited the title for you. I can help you find someone. Just medic right?

Yep, just need a medic.

Okay, I’ll see what I can do

Thanks, it’s really appreciated.

I can try to join with your team. Im playing medic usually and i have 300hours of experience aprox

My id is LLEM93

English is not my best language but i can speak correctly