We need a long distance assault


Kraken is sooooooo OP that’s all anyone is using plz debuff him or give the assault a character who’s primary attack is range


All Assaults have a long range weapon and if Kraken is far away he shouldn’t be hitting you with everything. Long distance Kraken’s aren’t good. The good ones are the ones mid range-close to utilize all their kit.


i actually find long distance Krakens to be very effective. LS can go SUPER LONG! And high damage. BMs can go super far too, and vortex.

Assaults do have long range guns but they are UP. There primary is usually short.

-Markov LG is short

  • Hyde Flame is SUPER SHORT
  • Parnell shotty is short-med
  • Torvald shotty is short and medium but with terrible accuracy
  • Lenny PL HAHAHAH

And all secondaries are too weak to do stuff to Kraken, except AA gun


Vortex goes so slow though that it can be dodged easy at long range, and Aftershock isn’t effective at all ranged, obviously. So as long as you can avoid Lightninf Strike, step away form Vortex, the Banshee Mines are his only real weapon at long range. And Lightning Strike but he shouldn’t be downing anyone with two abilities.


That is intended. If an Assault was long range they wouldn’t need their Shield class skill. They are designed to be mid-close range. That being said, long range Vortex is fairly easy to dodge, and BMs from too far away can be shot down. It’s the mid-cloes range Vortex + Banshee Mines that are really hard to dodge.


He only has one reliable ability at long range. Lightning Strike, after that all abilities are nearly useless from afar. Vortex stops after a given distance and can be seen miles away, Banshee Mines move fast but are very visible and can be destroyed and/or avoided, and Aftershock is neutered from range.


So would you say a range-focused assault wouldn’t be possible? I personally like the idea of a sniper-assault. Maybe like a charged laser cannon that fires one time after a 1-2 second charge?


Nope. The assault is designed as a mid-close range class. Otherwise their personal shield would be useless. The assault is designed to be a mobile anti-monster zone. If the monster doesn’t move it gets punished. So no, I don’t think a long range assault would work.


how about assault with deployable weapon? Will take some time to set up weapon but have good DMG and some bonuses like can’t be knock back and maybe 180 degree shield that is always on (until destroyed).


If Evolve was a single player game or something, and didn’t need PvP balancing, I’d love a long range assault. A weapon I want in Evolve is a super high powered elephant gun-esque rifle. Really, I want Griffin to have it, because it obviously fits his character way more than an smg, but it would go against Trapper weaponry. I guess it’d be mechanically very similar to Val’s rifle, but much stronger, longer reload, and a brutal, percussive sound effect to it. Bolt action for sure. Iunno, haven’t thought about it too much.


If we didn’t need Assaults to be the ones getting in the Monster’s face a long range Assault would be great.

Long Range Krakens can do some work but the scary ones are the ones up close who make sure everything hits.

You’re right to complain about Kraken but wrong in the area that needs to be complained about.


Honestly, I’d be for it, if only to see how they’d do it.

Crow defied traditional Trappers with his rifle’s range and basic function, so I’d like to see an Assault with a main weapon that forces him to stay further away and not aggro the Monster, but instead deal heavy-duty ranged damage while the rest of the team distracts it. His personal shield might be more important than the other Assault’s because he’d have no immediate zone denial, so Monsters could just roll up and get a free strike. Since people were saying it would be useless, I thought I’d point out that it would end up being more vital to his survival than any other Assault.

Would work wonders on the chase, but it would also require you to think before you used it, especially in an engagement.

It would also change up a lot of the game, force people to adjust strategy.

I get why people are against it. Assault is supposed to be a pain in the ass and right in the Monster’s face, but what if we could branch out? Experimenting with new material or playstyles could be really fun.



No but I get your point, although I personally think longer range should obviously not have the same burst damage output as a close range Assault.
Basically you’ll end up with reliability over burst.
Sounds familiar? Markov.

I think Markov should be as far as TRS goes with “long range” Assaults.


I could get behind an Assault that is purely Skill Shot and slower than his peers. I wouldn’t say anything like LONG range/Sniper b/c that’s easier said than done in Evolve, but perhaps, just as a spitball, an assault that charges their weapon for more damage, and is Projectile to encourage placing shots on the Body/Head, perhaps with a faster but far weaker rapid fire (Mayhaps even less accurate) for dealing with Wildlife.

Like Parnell, but longer range and less spammy hehe

No clue on a secondary, too early… late… whatever, to be thinking :stuck_out_tongue:


I submitted a list of suggestions about possible tier 6 in the thread about giving ideas to trs to help make tier 6, in which i described the basis of a long range assault. Is it possible to copy here that post pls? @ToiletWraith @Jedi_Warrior (can’t on my own since i’m from mobile and it’s damn buggy sometimes :frowning: )


Is this what you wanted?


Thank you a lot!!!


No problem. :wink:


While you’re correct and I agree, there’s some kind of novelty to having something completely different from the current archetypes. Even if it doesn’t work well, It would be interesting to see how it is balanced. Like Bob and Gorgon.

I don’t get how Markov is ranged, though. I mean, he’s got good range for an Assault, but he’s not really reliable with it, and he still benefits from being closer.


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