We need a good trapper and assault (Xbox One)


Were looking for a good dedicated trapper and assault. Must have a mic and a good communication. Were going to go on a massive win streak, message Fresh Ammo for an invite.


Might I suggest using these two threads?


yoooo i can be both trapper and assault, is there any way for the medic on your team to go either trapper or assault? cause i got a buddy thats ranked 17th in the world for medic…lemme know, msg: iPerfect wR (xbox 1)


Sorry man he only plays medic.


I’m down to play as the trapper


I sent you an invite


What’s your gamertag?


What’s your GT?


I can play assault if u need another player.
My gt is vsteele615


hahaha ok good luck


Gamingking627 I’ll be on at 5 pm eastern


Me and a friend play assault and trapper. Message BRZx6o3 if your still looking