We lost 20k people in 2 weeks. Stop pretending this isnt an issue

Or perhaps you’re delusional to not see that it is. Evolve has been out for little more than a week, enough has been said to clarify the reason to calm down. Like has been said so many times, make another thread a few months down the road.

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@SledgePainter Honestly, I don’t think this thread is gonna go anywhere. Anywhere good that is.

@SledgePainter will there be a thread telling us changes made with the patch on xbone or and of the platforms?

And people laughed at Noah when he said the sky was falling… Then they drowned. The End.

chill chill. Just look at L4D, people are still playing that game. No doubt Evolve will continue to live on, even if only 6 people play it.


I believe @MacMan will post details when they release the patch, so we’ll have to wait and see exactly what it entails. I know it will cover the XBox loss of levels issue but exactly how or if levels will be restored I do not know. When that information becomes available it will probably be posted to one of the main threads dealing with that issue right now, like here:

and also here:

Haven’t lost mine but encountered a crash after loading into a game as the monster:/

At what point will it take for you to realise the issue? How many players left? 5k? 1k? 500? 100? 50?

You need to look at the issue, and stop dismissing it.

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Never have I ever been so happy to be part of the Xbox peasant race.


People keep asking you what you expect everyone to do and you don’t respond. You have no way of helping. It just seems like you are bored and want to stir things up.

Right now there are many players. I haven’t had issues finding any. Now, after the patch releases, if there is a continued drop…then that will be a problem to address. Right now I think it’s just too early. Some folks simply have states they won’t play until the patch is out so that will have an effect on the numbers.

If there’s anyone left who cares at that time, prehaps

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I do play but don’t find a match so I basically play destiny until the patch hits evolve :^)

May you make some effective suggestions on how to stop the lose?

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Dude stop what is your plan? If you don’t have one please stop making these topics.

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You imply I said I had a plan. I’m looking for a plan to follow.

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Then wait for someone with a plan to make a thread. We don’t need a constant stream of people who are spreading paranoia faster than the spread of hate towards Evolve’s dlc. Just be patient, alright? We’ll see where it goes, and if it comes to this, someone might or might not have a plan. But that time is not now.

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Too many ppl like me for the game to crash and burn. Chill. We like it


What why keep making topic after topic if you have no plan? If it is a problem, and someone gets an idea they will make a topic for it.