We lost 20k people in 2 weeks. Stop pretending this isnt an issue


At a loss of 10k players a week, this is a terminal issue. Tonight’s peak was only 7k at primetime. and it will be our new highest until there are only 100s left playing, then nothing. Stop pretending this will just go away. I have yelled at the masses, yet you do nothing. I am fully convinced I am the only one of the pc crowd who genuinely gives a shit. Cut it out and take action already.


Again dude? Really?


7,000 is plenty. This isn’t COD casual. Nothing is ever gonna pull those numbers. Make another thread when you can’t find a match.


Denial is the first stage of loss


Dude. Your out of control.


I agree 100 percent. Player base does dictate value in my eyes. The less people that play the less fun the game will have. I do think the DLC will bring people back though.


I am completely in control. IN FACT, I am fustrated by the community’s lack of action or acctually caring.

This game is losing players at breakneck speeds. Wake up and see the issue


Where are you seeing this?


What do you even expect people to do?


Extremely careful monitoring of the total playing per day. 27k on launch, lost 1-2k a day.

I expect the community to take some kind of action against this, Only they and the devs can, if they acctually care


Does it show playerbase on PC? Ive yet to see it anyone on xb1


Not unusual. Look, I’ve seen your posts. I can tell you love this game. Go play it. It’s fine.


Where do you find these figures? I’d like to monitor this myself as well.


Just PC doesn’t seem like ps4 has this problem as I rarely run I to games with the same people. I also have yet to be thrown into a match that already started.


Two weeks in. If your numbers were accurate, we’d be in negative players…



peak today was actually 10.5k


We will be coming the next week.

@sledgepainter The community hub, for starters

@drevd That page bugs a lot, so it’s not accurate


No. We won’t be.


Dude I am not trying to be rude, but I really do think you need to take a step back for your health. You worry way to much over a game, just play and have fun man.


Yeah, we will.

Only those going down with the ship will remain