We have a spy in our midst


It has recently fallen to my attention… that @Quirkly is actually an illuminati spy sent here to dominate us all…


  1. Profile Picture i mean just look at it!
  2. He is everywhere at the same time suspicious isnt it?
  3. He knows all answers related to the evolve universe.

There is one thing i must say…


PS: Not a hate treath just fun :smile:


Heard you been talkin shit


I’m gonna die now arent i?


Ech, too much work, I’ll let nature do it for me






I hope you’re not offended :frowning: didnt mean anything mean with it haha :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol nah, I love seeing Illuminati jokes :smile:
love em so much I’d kill for em


Haha alrighty then :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is somthing to distract you from you’re goals

@MidnightRoses i was picking a bunnny but didnt do it for you’re safety


Thank you! Such a nice person.

Take notes. Hippoes are cute.


Awww, I just wanna give it a huuug.
Its amazing to think that one day he/she will be one of the deadliest creatures on Earth :smile:


Yeah life on this planet is something else… make’s me wonder… what does a baby tyrant look like? is it hugable to? one can wonder…


One a side note! did found a baby goliath hiding on the forums:


Everything is huggable if you’re brave enough.


Wait, is that you @Quirkly ?

I mostly recognize people on their avatars, so it greatly confuses me when people change them. @LaggerCZE and @MeTheBigShow also just changed their avatars. So much confusion! xD

Anyway, hasn’t it always been the fact that @Quirkly is an illuminati spy?


I got promoted to Illuminati spy 2.0, required me to upgrade the seeingness of my all seeing eye



Doesn’t matter… nothing out sees Gobi…

Gobi Sees All


Don’t you see what this means?


Almost as deadly as the giant waterbug? :scream: