Can anyone see what’s happening here! The monsters are Evolving based on other creatures. When the monsters actually started being more noticed b4 shear it took the shape of male humans, Goliath. :frowning:
Then it started to mutate between human and birds (or any creature you think can fly), Kraken. :anguished:
Once they started taking interest in human females it crossbreed into humans, birds and mammoth birds, one of the most OP creatures on Shear, Wraith. :fearful:
And then came the monster that destroyed Factor (or had a hand in its downfall). The monster that was created b4 any of the 3 we’ve known, formed based on the planets they now come to inhabit and destroy…Behemoth. :scream:

We have to warn other Hunters of this epidemic and wast no time…I can only fear of what other mixed match creations this…Hive of monstrosities have in store for all of us…Carnage Bringer signing out. :no_mouth:

P.S. :laughing: LOL [Thanks 4 Evolve TRS] :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: