We have a lot of hunters that "break the rules" and just poor, harmless monsters... ;(


OK, so I am going to whine in this post how discriminated monsters are… :sob:

Think about it… there are certain rules in Evolve, basic rules that shape how the hunt looks like. These are - for example:

  • monster can heal armor, but not health
  • hunters have to damage monster armor first, then his health
  • every time hunters go down they get one strike, strikes permanently reduce hunters health
  • monster can smell hunters from certain distance
  • monster travels faster than hunters and can hide, but hunters can dome monster
  • hunters are specialized, some deal damage, some heal, etc
  • during fight hunters can see monster, monster can see hunters

Now - look at all hunters and all monsters - tier 1 … tier 4. How does it look like ?

Essentially, the concepts for most tier 2+ hunters are to make them unique in a way, that is oriented at BREAKING THESE RULES.
Lazarus’ revive… Cabot’s shooting through walls… Caira’s speed-up buff… Bucket’s UAV disabling monster ability to hide… Abe’s darts… Slim’s spore cloud… Crow’s shooting through armor… many more…

What do we have on poor monster side :pensive:
We can throw a rock, shoot someone with vortex, lava, lightning… We can grab someone from a distance… what else… ok, we can jump, some lucky ones can fly… pretty much all of it about moving and dealing damage. Standard features.

…and I have a dream: CAN WE HAVE TIER-3 OR TIER-4 MONSTER ?!!!
I mean REAL ONE ?!!! BREAKING THE RULES !!! :alien: :fire: :zap:

Something like… ability that makes incapped hunter dead at once ? health feeding ? dome escaping ? AOE invisibility/camuflage ? unlimited smell range ? instant self-healing skill ? teleportation (like evacuation “mod”) ?

So… instead of rolling marshmallow :yum: … can we have something like this, pleeeeease ?

edit: it is not about complaining, EVOLVE rocks! :+1: … just a little dreaming :wink:
edit2: actually I like rolling marshmallow very much :sunglasses: so not “instead of”, but let’s do tier-5 then!


Yeah. We have so many scaley and leathery monsters. Looks great but I’m getting a little burnt out on it. Yes, I know, they’re all the same species and I love it nonetheless, but if one of them is a teleporting mermaid and one of them is a lightning squid, we can have one with fur. Kind of like a rabb- wait…


Rabboth. Moves by jumping only. Small, agile, deadly.


No. Absolutely not. No. Please no.


Oh dear. Not this again.


Oooh a rabbit! Ah, yeah that makes more sense than a Rabbi. Why not? With giant chompers everywhere and it can jump really high and far with it’s massive feat from one end of the map to the other.


Gimme a TRULY trick-based monster! I want to throw down a bomb where any hunters in range have their classes scrambled. Suddenly your pro Markov has taken over Slim, and the Slim player is now inside Hank’s body! Wears off once combat ends.

I want him to be able to perform an AoE that disables jetpacks for 10 seconds!

I want him to target a person and turn any healing done on them into damage for the next X amount of seconds!

I want him to be able to give himself fake weak spots that actually deal less damage than normal!

A lot of trickster stuff, with his main damage dealer being something like very fast melee, preferably with more than 2 appendages.

The idea would be that the hunters would have to be insanely careful when fighting him, but obviously he couldn’t have too much damage on his abilities, he’d have to really nail his melee. It’d be tricky to balance something like this, because a lot of his gimmick is relying on the hunters not being able to deal with his tricks, so he’d have to be able to hold up in a straight fight as well.

These are just off-the-top-of-my-head ideas, not to be thought of as something that actually needs to be balanced in great depth. I just think a monster with REAL tricks like this would be super interesting. Ah man, imagine if he had a teleport hunter ability, where he targets a hunter, points at a destination (maybe excluding into a tyrant’s mouth) and the hunter gets punted there. Similar to tongue grab or abduction, but the monster itself would never move. Could cause some crazy havoc.


THIS ^ is what we need !
JUMP IN. KILL. JUMP OUT. YEAH ! … HAH HAH ! … (evily laughs … Sith-like)


I can feel your mind is already thinking about it, but you have no power to say it aloud.
I do this.




Kill all the huntars!


I don’t agree with everything said here, but I have to admit that hunter kits offer more varied options than monster kits.

Most monster skills are essentially “hit a hunter hard or throw something nasty at him”. There are tons of options that have not been explored yet (talking about concepts, not overly concerned about game balance at this stage)

  • Blinding cloud
  • Paralyzing venom
  • Snaring web
  • Weapon jamming electric jolts.
  • Jetpack draining parasite
  • Wildlife infestation to gain map awareness
  • Exploding spores that can be used as traps


Have you never heard of the Vorpal Bunny?!?! :dizzy_face:


all these ideas are reaaaaally nice !


Actually the rule breaking monster I would like to see is some kind of “vampire beast”.

Consider, if you sneak pounce you can regen health. You would have to compensate by giving the monster Wraith level health, but it would definitely be a game changer. Or, barring that, you could regen health by eating Hunter corpses.

Just a few thoughts.


Khem… @Katherine_St_Ives, I was intentionally trying to avoid this word in this thread. I think it brings errr… “bad correlations” … Let’s agree, that we say “you-know-what” instead, ok ? :wink:
(or “you-know-who” ? …apologies, I am not native English)


Unfortunately the new assault is packin’ a Holy Hand Grenade! It specializes in Rabboth removal!


I was thinking could we have some kind of robotic or bionic type monster?. now obviously that concept might be a bit weird on earth but who’s to say whats roaming around on that planet?.


The monsters all seem to be biological in nature. Depending on what their true origin is, something robotic or cybernetic might go against the character of their origins. Ultimately, I imagine this is something @Matthew would have to judge, as he’s the head writer (or so I think…?)


funny, your complaints are what i find so cool in this game lol.


perhaps you play as hunter ? :wink:

do not take my first post too seriously though