We found an interesting spot that makes AI Behemoth kinda derp, Aviary

Heya! So while we were doing an Evac, we fought a Behemoth on Aviary. Got Stage 3, we went to mid to wait and our Trapper fairly early on managed to boost away and landed on this perfect little stop on a stump just in front of the relay which caused Behemoth to glitch out and hold still and remained inactive until Trapper stepped off.

If it’s important; He had all his abilities by this point but would not attempt to grab Trapper off/fire anything at him.

Here is the spot, just on the opposite side of me is the relay. Trapper was there for a solid 30 seconds without so much as a twitch.

From the air (Trapper dropped by then and Behemoth went back to business as usual)

Have you reported this at all? Maybe @DamJess might like to take a look at this bug. As it is quite a strange one lol.

Yeah just happened, figured I’d run it by here, see if anyone has run into anything similar. This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this with AI (Well… Goliath did get kinda weird in that little enclave area next to the final Power Source in King’s Fort Defend mode. where he’d just go up and down a building, but that’s old news!)

Yeah. Not sure if I could recreate, I could try. (Get Behemoth to kill allies, run to the stump. I’ll see)