We finally get a Slim nerf, and this is IT!?!

Typical hypocritical Slim player. Slim is absolutely overpowered right now.


It doesn’t seem much, right? Most monsters have burst damage attacks. Slim can’t keep up as easy as before the nerf. Aganist a skilled Slim player, you won’t feel much change. But a new player won’t be able to heal you as easy, or stand up aganist as easy.

Typical newer forum/game player, complaining about things that are fine untill everything is at their advantage.

whitch will never happen


It’s a FACT Slim is not balanced, not an opinion. You’re simply clueless :confused:


I imagine there will be another nerf next update, they are probably just easing into it.

3% isn’t enough overall, but also I mentioned before I think they have to look at making a change to him that accommodates Behemoth’s existence.
Otherwise they are going to have slim too weak against other monsters but balanced against Behemoth, or Overpowered against other monsters and instant win levels against Behemoth.

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Yea, a slim elite main even before stage 2 is clueless.


They should just nerf him, then boost him back up to balanced.

He’s had his reign, let other medics out of the shadows now.

This is why I don’t spend money on this game anymore.

I played as Bob against a good team with a slim. I don’t want to say that the nerf is enough. Though i felt a little difference. It was a bit easier to take down slim.

I find the rock wall much more useful now against Slim. Can no longer shoot it for health, which means I can try to break LoS with Slim. Doesn’t always work, but it’s nice to once again have that option.


Yep, that fix helps me a lot now.

2 things 1 I have played evolved for at least a total of 1500hours (combine console and stage 2 on steam) so its not like I am just having 1 bad game and calling for instant nerf. Also if you seriously think that slim is not OP well then sir I have only one thing for you

I think beating him slowly with the nerf bat is better than breaking his neck with it. That way he can reach a balanced state without being rendered useless like R. Val and Wraith once were


can we just beat him with a real life bat to? AND hit him with the nerf bat just a lttile harder please?


Maybe next week. And if you want to hit him with a real bat, play Crow and chuck Gobi at his face.


I wouldn’t mind a harder hit with the nerf bat honestly. I dunno that I’m comfortable with the huge reaction to the 5health per burst nerf this thread’s got going on.

Wait till next week when there’s a whole new Monster to fuck everything up. Maybe that’s why Slim’s staying up so hard, is there’s a new Bob incoming. They might want to get their adaptation into the wild for a bit before they go nerfing the Hunter that all the Hunter players are going to be thankful for next week.

After they release A-Bob, I really couldn’t have anything left to say in their defense. I just know that November is probably going to be a clean-up month if I were guessing, like when they released Cata, Renegabe, OP, PP, and DD in August, and September was the clean-up month for those releases IIRC

Genius advice, I wonder why nobody has said it yet. They’re treating it as if it’s a lame excuse for advice


you know, they don’t want another Rval

A joke, really a joke.

Small numbers can make a huge difference in this game. Any dedicated Evolve player from Legacy or Stage 2 would know this.


Bob is a lot better against Slim right now. They finally fixed the wall recharging his heal burst bug. Now if you can pull someone with your tongue and wall him you can dish a lot of damage and slim’s healing will completely get on hold