We finally get a Slim nerf, and this is IT!?!

5 points, please can anyone show me a game where 5 health points per healburst actually makes a difference like seriously wtf, I will say this, this wont be just a rant about the TINY slim nerf but I say put down your suggestions for what TRS Should do to nerf slim, not into the ground but only to be VIABLE and not a big nuisance. My suggestion is reduced fire rate, require MORE pellets to hit to get max cooldown per shot to most of his pellets instead of getting the max cooldown with only 3, also reduce his adrenal gland health regen to 50Hp per second instead of 80. Also tiny nerf the max cooldown you can get per shot down to 5 seconds instead of 6 and maybe increase the CD of his healburst.


Could just be the tip of the iceberg man, you don’t know.


I think you might need to get your monster skills upgraded. Slim is not that unbeatable. You can’t expect TRS to damage a character because of your limits.


dude I am a pretty good monster player actually, I do have a 2.5 win/loss as a monster main with plenty of games under my belt, as well as played legacy on console

Then your argument is invalid , why wasting everyone’s time if you are soooooooooooooooo good …

That being said, maybe you could change up tactics or your methods? For example Bob is terrible against Slim, but I’m learning new ways to deal with him.

Edited to clarify :blush:

slim is bad against bob? what?

I am not the best monster player but he is the strongest medic without a doubt, he can use his healbursts like crazy, as well as there is no downsides to him, with every medic there is a kinda downside. yet with slim there is none

Haha no I meant Bob is bad against Slim :joy:


Sheesh man with a w/l ratio like that you want people to take you seriously? And its not 5, its 5 per burst and that soon adds up burst after burst after burst.


I think people should wait to play at least 5 games with the characters before calling them OP (not saying you are). Maybe the people playing them are just really good?

Also I feel like this thread is going in the wrong direction…


Amen to what @BEAF said, let’s keep this on topic and not personal guys


5 hit points especially in rapid succession like Slim does will add up.

To be fair the topic is another whine thread…


I’m just saying. That will significantly lower his over all healing through a match.


it has been less than 12 hours in the wild…

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Exactly! It all adds up.


Papa. It changed his healing meta from double reload, to reload-capacity.

You all need to realize that TRS is going to slightly nerf him until he is balanced, not do a full-out nerf like they did with Wraith or RVal.

Baby steps, stop comprainin’


That’s racist.