We are the Balance Bros @ Turtle Rock Studios -- AMA

I believe you accidentally double posted.

Any plans to make completely new characters? specifically interested in a new monster, like something with fur.

Alright, 4am, let’s go.

My current list of questions:


  1. How can we get detailed numbers on each character? For theorycrafting purposes, and also the wiki. Can we have a thread where y’all will pick up number requests and find them?
  2. What’s the plan for characters that are too hard countered by another? (Ex. Meaty and his weak single-targeting rekt by Slim, Bucket/Emet deployables dying to Kelder, Torvald only good against Bob, Kraken laughing at Maggie traps, Jack repulsor too good against melee/too weak against ranged, Sunny whooping Goliath/stomped by Kraken, etc. etc…)
  3. Will there be compensation for Gabe, now that his main advantage, stopping armor regen, is completely invalidated?
  4. Any views on Slim/PaPa + Hank/Sunny teams being able to facetank everything at stage 3? (Dodging key abilities of course)
  5. Dome timer paused by monsters attacking: I heard you will be removing dots’ ability to pause the timer. That true? Also, maybe try out a timer slow instead of a timer pause?
  6. Agility perks. They make you cross the map faster than going all racecar perks. Intended? They are also equivalent to +50% jetpack recharge, in addition to storing 6 boosts. Also intended?
  7. Heavy hitter perks. They give you a net decrease in DPS, and the gold perk is worse than the silver perk. Intended?
  8. Are you going to do anything about Abe’s stasis nades being too good against the Goliaths and relatively poor against the other monsters?
  9. Upcoming perks: spoilers please? They’re ready or in balance testing, after all, so there shouldn’t be changes to what they do.

I’ve also compiled many of the things I’ve suggested, in my suggestion threads or responses to others’. (Gaaasp!) But seriously, just give thoughts on whatever you can. I’ll put them in boxes to be neat.

Customisable crosshairs

Simply put, I think some crosshairs are too tiny and easily lost in visual clutter. Could we have an option to customise it for each weapon, like assembling it from “parts”?

Greener trapper name colour

It’s too close to the Support yellow. If you can’t view them in the same screen, it’s hard to judge which one it is in the heat of battle. A greener colour, or a huge icon above the name?

Renegabe thematics

Why does a corrosive (erodes surfaces) reduce damage output, and a nerve toxin (impairs muscle control) increase damage taken? It makes more sense to swap the names. “Nerve Gas Grenade” and “Corrosive Injector Dart”?

Two monster choices per challenge

For monster players, having to pick that ONE particular character is a pretty bad limitation, and has led to me playing mostly hunter despite actually liking monster more.

Status bar

Something on the UI to see any temporary effects and their durations?

Seeing enemy characters before picking perks

This helps with some element of countering, without allowing hard counter character picks. Also stops people from picking perks too useless against the enemy characters, like monster DR against a defensive team.

Character-specific default perks for new players

Hard to explain in brief. Allow a player to pick TRS-recommended perks for his character at rank 1, even if they are not yet unlocked. Helps with new player tutorialisation, and allows them to have more “fun” by delaying perk purchases to buy their favourite character first. See link: full description

Replacing DR and DR+Regen with Health up and Armor up

Long story short, they are too similar right now, and also they gain asymptotically higher value from being stacked. Switching their mechanics will encourage picking one or two instead of three and make their gameplay distinct from each other. Full description and sample numbers

Voluntary handicaps for dynamic in-match rebalancing

In short, have the monster choose to take a handicap (while he’s evolving and chilling) or ask for one, in return for extra keys to the side that took the handicap, if they still won. Helps make games closer, and thus more exciting and satisfying. Full description and sample numbers

3-Key toggle for Daisy behaviour

Switches between:

  • tracking mode
  • revive mode
  • follow Maggie (passive mode)
  • “Burn, you fuck!” (Waggie only)

And finally, (off-topic) are you accepting interns or attachments? I’d like to gain some experience before I get too busy and working with y’all sounds interesting.

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You can put the class icons above characters under Options :slight_smile:

OK,one more question,can you read member suggestion legally,i think some people idea are very creative and reading can help you guy think in another box

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The thing doesn’t work when you’re monster, I think. And even as hunter it weirdly strobes on and off.

Question about a fire cancel for Meteor/OG Goliath.

I was wondering if a fire breath cancel could be added. Its something especially for meteor can really screw you up when a hunter is being revived and your stood there like a melon unable to prevent it if your long ass fire breath is active. Even being able to melee while doing so could help this. Genuinely help with feeding quicker as well.

I think I ran this past @GentlemanSquirl early Stage2 release and I think he agreed?


I think that might be a bit much dude. It’s a little unfair to other people trying to ask questions, to post a wall of them all at once xD
Don’t be surprised if you don’t get all of them answered, I imagine they want to bust out as many for as many folks as they can while they can.


Out of curiosity, what are the current perks set you guys run for the monsters? (or maybe you don’t want to share and surprise us during HGL? :wink: )

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Are there any plans to buff or change some of the lesser used perks like vision and healing regen?

Haha, I got excited and prepared everything in advance. I’m not pressuring them to answer all of them… just hoping! awkward smile

Sorry if that’s not really about “balance” but will there ever be an “overall” questions about Evolve?
Anyways, nice topic!

Cory, how do you get so good at eating an olive agressively?


How much can you tell us about moving forward with consoles? I know you can’t be 100% transparent, but anything is appreciated.

What were the thoughts behind the Battle Cabot design? What made you think up the rather cool ideas? Oh, most importantly. I’m assuming that his shield grenade will work like Hyde’s gas grenade, what’s the radius? Is it going to be 30m starting at the center of where you lob it? Larger? Shorter?

Is there any discussion in the studio about possibly refactoring Gorgon’s mimic? Of the 4 abilities, that one feels the most useless. Spider trap can be useful in many situations, but mimic gets shut down easily.

Speaking of mimic, how’s everything going on Wraith’s Phantom? Are the damage numbers as expected? Is there room for improvement?

Any plans to lower the health on sunny’s drone? I may not be the consensus, but i feel like it would be better lowered a bit towards Kala teleporters.

Do you feel Cabot’s damage amp is in a good spot?

Would there be any precedence to move Bucket’s damage a bit more into the turrets again? Not all of it ofc, but the turrets feel… lackluster now. I tend to use his turrets in solo matches as monster to extend timers while i wait for the dropship.

I know someone asked but this’ll be to remind myself if i don’t see the answer/question… any plans to help the Medic class? They seem to need it, besides parnelladin and maybe Slim (who after having gotten some advice, feels more balanced now)

Ho ho, it just occurred to me. Where do we stand on Tyrants returning? I miss our crocodile-esque friends. Also maybe Elite Dune Beetles?


1.) What makes her hard to hit? Size, Traversals, both?
2.) When you say high damage potential what do you mean? How is this different from Goliath’s abilities and or damage potential?

3.) Is it the low hp that makes her feel weak by moving out of decoy and supernova? What makes dodging Wraith’s abilities more balance breaking than other monsters?

  • Telemetry to Behemoth, heatmaps, winrates across all areas of the game i.e. pubs, and any other telemetry that comes to my mind.

  • Your opinions on Emet across multiple areas of the game, i.e. pub & competitive.

  • Why some medics are lackluster like Quira and RVal and why haven’t they been changed yet.

  • is the telemetry skewed because they aren’t picked outside of pubs?

  • Add 1-2 of the old maps, then re-balance them as the community points out flaws. This is because Distillery has had a few micro-adjustments and tbh I find it counter-intuitive to balance a map, but then have overlooked balance issues. It just seems like a waste of time to balance the old maps in areas they didn’t need balancing. This way people can have respect for the balance changes done to old maps, and thus don’t get bored on the same 4 maps that have been in rotation for the past 2 months.

  • I also want to ask about the Buoy sound problem when Emet tosses another buoy when 3 are already up, and it makes the destroyed sound. See if that is being looked into.

On behalf of @Terepin:

  • Are there plans for improving the reliability of Emet?

  • Thus increasing their lifespan instead of toss-HB-destroy cycle with the buoys, especially against Behemoth?

  • Are there plans to increase/rework Emet’s Beacon’s reliability? Have you looked at suggestions on the fourms about it?

Any upcoming revamps of Lennox planned? I feel that she’s in a bit of an awkward spot recently, since her Lance was nerfed and Autocannon buffed she’s become a bit too much like Parnell in playstyle.

First of all, I’d like to thank you for holding this AMA, excellent work!

My questions are:

-What are your thoughts on DoT perks completely negating Lazarus’s cloak? I know normal DoT’s should reveal him and are a way of countering the cloak, but since every monster is running at least one damage perk, it completely negates such an important ability.

-What are your thoughts on the dropship mechanic and Lazarus? It is quite frustrating to wait for the glove to recharge near a hunter’s incapped body when it is safe from the monster, only for the dropship to force the respawn and give the hunter an unnecessary strike.


Thanks for all of the questions, folks! The bros are still working on answers :slight_smile: :dancer: