We are the Balance Bros @ Turtle Rock Studios -- AMA

Questions from @SnakeSound222
Anything new about the passives (especially Meteor Goliath’s)?

ETA on Sunny’s adaptation and/or OG Sunny nerfs? #MakeSunnyBalanced

Why is Grounder’s DOT so low? I would make it 10.5/12.5/15.5.

Were the claw perks that powerful when both were used? I was against the last two nerfs they got.

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How is Torvald doing statistically in wins on Ranked beta?

Are there any plans to change him in the future?

Do you believe he is balanced in his current state?

Any news on Goliath’s passive?

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You didn’t see my question? I asked if it was PST and said I could make it if it was PST.

Well, thanks anyways.

Emet’s beacon was recently nerfed by raising its cooldown by 10sec. While I can see why you applied this change, Emet wasn’t very good at that point to begin with (his healing-output isn’t all that high while his buoys are hard to work with against most monsters). Do you guys have any intention to buff and/or rework him in near future?

Any ETA on the new Matchmaking system you’re currently working on?

When playing monster, eating wildlife is quite often buggy, which can be annoying as every second counts in highly competitive matches. Are you aware of the various bugs that revolve around eating wildlife as monster? If that’s the case, are you planning to do something about them?

Any ETA on the Kraken reworks and passive? (Kraken lover here)

There’s a lot of debate regarding Slim and Papa going on. A forum user had recently created a thread where he calculated the HPS (Healing-Per-Second) for every medic.

“Healing others“-values as of 2.11:
Slim 162 HPS
Papa 131 HPS
Caira 107 HPS (highest HPS without taking Slim and Papa into consideration)

“Healing self“-values as of 2.11:
Slim 171 HPS
Papa 163 HPS
Emet 103 HPS with 100% buoy time (highest HPS without taking Slim and Papa into consideration)
Rogue Val 79 HPS

[Source: [2.16 Update] Discussion Resource: Comparison of medics' healing output]

Looking at this data, are all the medics in a good spot right now, in the view of TRS? If not, what changes can we expect in future?

Isn’t directly related to the gameplay: At some point I’ve discovered all the different trailers and cinematics from legacy Evolve on YouTube. Just as pretty much every other newcomer to Evolve Stage 2, I had never heard of those which surprised me because they were pretty damn well made.

How about creating a section in the main-menu where you would link all the different Evolve trailers and cinematics? (Even if some of them are not very accurate/up-to-date due to the game’s current state.)

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Laz has an amazing ability, that is countered so ridiculously easy that anyone that understands what it does can stop him entirely- making him one of the least effective “medics” in the game to most people.
Are there any plans to help him out mechanically in this area, so that he can better serve his function?

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I did, I just didn’t know if you’d be able to still show since I hadn’t seen you post here yet. I was just being sure.

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Also, what are your thoughts on ways to help the discrepancy between great and mediocre hunters when it comes to the issue of incaps and strike breaking the flow of the game at these lower levels for the hunters? In the recent community tournament i think only 8% of hunters won, and it feels like there is a trend towards monsters being and to put hunters on their arses easily enough even when taking in to account solo queue buffs. How are you guys seeing this issue, if at all?

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It seems to be the group thought of the forums that there is a very fine line between OP Wraith and UP Wraith. On this sentiment, what elements of Wraith make her like this? For example, some hidden power in Goliath is that he can animation cancel his abilities lending faster combos and bigger burst, animation canceling has nothing to do with health or damage numbers.

Is it Wraith’s slim figure? Does it have to do with how her abilities like abduction and Warp blast function? Why is it difficult to find that middle ground between OP/UP? Is it her traversals? Is it Decoy?

It can’t be as simple as tweaking numbers, what about Wraith makes her difficult to balance?

  • When will match stats be made publicly accessible?
  • Why when a character is considered OP/UP, do you remove key attributes of those abilities instead of adding additional layers of detail. IE differences in Variant operations, such as Goliath vs MG on Charge/Leap combos
  • With the changes to Buckets UAV, and the new Variation Battle Cabot, are there are plans to make changes to how Dust tag works?
  • What was the most highly debated balance decision amoungst the team?
  • What do you guys have against stealth pounce combo’s mid combat to control positioning :frowning:
  • What are the unique attributes that each member of the "Balance bros, brings to the table?
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What’s your current view on the state of gorgon?

How does the TRS balance team meta differ from pubs/competitive?


Did you intend Battle Cabot to allow “Orbital Concealment” and “Solar Blast” to go through ceilings?

How are Aftershock and Banshee Mines being reworked for Kraken? I remember on a livestream that @Insane_521 mentioned that Aftershock would fit into the ranged caster playstyle of Kraken. Would it be a utility ability that increases damage? Or more like Chain Lightening?

What about Banshee Mines? Will they be deployables still?

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I sound like a broken record but… When can we expect Hyde’s adaptation to come around ;_;?

I played Battle Cabot a bit to get a feel for his kit. I feel that A: He obviously deals too little damage and B: that it sucks to have to click for every shot when he has such a high fire rate.

Are there any plans to allow battle cabot to click and hold to fire his primary shots?

Are you purposefully releasing characters significantly to be significantly and obviously underpowered so you can get a feel for how much they need to be buffed to be balanced characters?

How open would you feel about modifying the base numbers of any character such as health, movement speed or jetpack capacity/recharge? You would have more options/methods of creating unique characters if base numbers were up for modification.

I am currently disappointed with assault diversity. Do you have plans to make sure that future assaults are more distinct from past assaults? Do you have any plans to give an assault a different class ability than the assault shield? (I am excluding R Abe’s less defense matrix as something that counts in this regard due to its glaring similarities)

I gotcha seeds:

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I just have questions about hunters.

  1. Emet: The biggest lackluster. His healing is really weak and situational. Bob literally nullifies him. What are your plans for him? Increasing Healing Buoys’ health, their range, HPS, HB, or even exploding with HB after their destruction? What about Distraction Beacon? Will you rework it into speeding up respawn timer so it it can be effective under all circumstances? Or will you allow it to be planted at any time and remotely/automatically activated after hunters’ dead?
  2. Laz: SB gives away his position. When you will remove it? Can you increase incap heal so that monster will have harder time killing hunter? Currently it’s way too easy.
  3. Quaira: Can you increase fields’ HPS, size or duration? Can damage grenades stick to monster?
  4. Caira: Can you make her great again? Currently there is no reason to pick her over PaPa, other than she is attractive as hell. :slight_smile: Lowering cooldown on AF would be a great start to improve her reliability.
  5. Jack: Repulsor is very unreliable. Can you make it so it doesn’t interrupt, but rather cancel traversal (this would change the fact that Gorgon will stop mid-air and then continue in traversal as if nothing happened). It’s also nearly useless against Kraken. Can you change it so that player doesn’t have to be on nearly same height level as Kraken? Because if he has to put Repulsor really high to make it work against him, you have blocked vision and can’t see what’s happening in front of you. It would also help if Repulsor could bring Kraken down way faster than now.
  6. Harpoons: Can they bring down Kraken faster down? Currently it takes way too long and monster can just destroy them before they can make any difference.
  7. Personal question: Do you hate me? :frowning:

The Dev have been through this before,to make the game more appealing for new player,this game’s size have to be shrink down and these video (in fact,very well made) cost a lost of data.These have been debate whether you can download it or external link,but it’s had been turned down

Managed to sneak a moment at work. What’s the word on the console release, we haven’t heard anything on that (other than rumours) in nearly three months

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