We are the Balance Bros @ Turtle Rock Studios -- AMA

What are your thoughts on Sunny and Slim? I am asking because to me they seem to be the most inconsistent characters in the game.

While firing on Behemoth with either the shotgun or rocket launcher as Parnell without Supersoldier, the living armor stacks go up to 10 and reduce my damage output by 40%(from 10 damage per pellet, to 6). What is the purpose of reducing normal damage from an assault?

The question we are all waiting for
Could you leak any dates for big updates?
Not what will happen but just the dates, we want a hype train!


Another question, will leaderboards or replays of matches ever return?

For the balance bros:

  1. What was the reasoning behind the reduction for sneak pounce radius and do you find that sneak pouncing is still viable in combat?

  2. Since the Megamouth buff for monsters is more eaten as buff denial rather seen than an actual buff for monsters, would you consider changing it to a more interesting buff gain?


Any thoughts you care to share on Wraith? If so are there any thoughts you care to share about her adaptation? (if you can that is)

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I know people are going to ask so I might as well be the first, what was the idea behind the new perks? Damage increase for monsters and increased dodges for hunters.

While the cooldown is noticeable for monsters, if a hunter is caught by a combo (Wraith abduct into warp blast or Goliath leap smash into charge) they will instantly be incapped, while this can be prevented by fast shielding or healing the monster can easily burn through it by a few heavies or another ability, rock throw or super nova in this case. The hunters are forced to take jet pack dodges in order to compensate, more dodges but really high risk if you get hit.

I have two questions.

  1. I like what you have done with Q Caira and I have not played her enough to judge her in this update so my question is do you guys feel that decreasing her cool down is the right idea to getting her balanced instead of buffing the healing numbers.

  2. I love that with battle Cabot you made it so that his orbitals go through ceilings so my question is why not do it for the other supports like hank as they suffer hard on maps like weather control.

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Are there any plans to start playing in some of the competitive tournaments (currently Sunday in the HGL)? It would be great to see you guys in action and also help the pro scene as we don’t have many strong teams right now.
I’m a bit disappointed to not see you guys play even once yet. If you’re ultra busy then I get it but otherwise it would help so much and be a lot of fun.


So, can we talk Crow? A lot people say he’s got an identity crisis, that he really wants to be Abe on the inside but Crow on the outside. Do you feel the same? If so, what might be done to change this?

How did you guys all come to get this job, and is it something you thought you’d end up doing?

In your opinion, what was the worst meta of Evolve? I still shudder when I think about the instant dome with cooldown affecting the dome timer era. Griffin’s everywhere.

Edit: Where does Battle Cabot fit into the new “era” time thing of Evolve? Is he Cataclysmic?

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Question for Brandon I think
What timeline is Battle Cabot in?

What are your thoughts on the way the wildlife buff system has turned out and do you have any other plans for it?

What is your way and philosophy of balancing the game.
How hard you guy test before making new balance patch

You have answered that you think Goliath is balanced and Caira, Rogue Val are weak. Personally I feel differently: Goliath is too strong and Caira and Rogue Val are balanced.

Do you have any particular reason why Goliath is the balanced one and not the “weak” medics?

What are your plans to keep things from getting monotonous? For instance: Always taking one optimal feeding routes and always fighting in the same locations because of said feeding routes or because of the wildlife buffs spawning in the same place at the same time every game.

Questions from @SnakeSound222
Anything new about the passives (especially Meteor Goliath’s)?

ETA on Sunny’s adaptation and/or OG Sunny nerfs? #MakeSunnyBalanced

Why is Grounder’s DOT so low? I would make it 10.5/12.5/15.5.

Were the claw perks that powerful when both were used? I was against the last two nerfs they got.

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How is Torvald doing statistically in wins on Ranked beta?

Are there any plans to change him in the future?

Do you believe he is balanced in his current state?

Any news on Goliath’s passive?

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You didn’t see my question? I asked if it was PST and said I could make it if it was PST.

Well, thanks anyways.