Ways to report cheaters?


Some suspicious things are starting to surface.
With the Free To Play model and the large player base, things are bound to happen.

Just had a few games with a guy who was doing insane (and I mean insane) amounts of damage.
Either due to some kind of increased damage bug, or near 100% accuracy rate (even at long range).

I was on his team in all games.
Then a Monster (a Veteran player I know) joined with a 43 win streak.
And got totally WRECKED by this guy. When shit like that happens you need to take a step back and go “Umm… wait… what?”

Anyway, what avenues do we have for reporting, as well as obtaining proof of instances like this?
It seems replays are gone? Which is very unfortunate.




Thanks guys.

Sorry I missed that.


i fell like he had full perks for dmg