Ways to improve Kala's teleporters!?


My thoughts on Kala- she seems weak right now. Her armor reducer isn’t practical: you only chip health away and by using it only 3 hunters are actually doing damage.

More importantly, her teleporters can’t be used effectively in combat, at least against a good monster. They have no health and take too long to “open.” It’s a real bummer because this idea was so exciting- such potential :slight_smile:

I suggest that the teleporters “open” (turn on) instantly as soon as you throw them. This way when a teammate is being cornered, with good aim you can stick them with portal pad and instantly teleport them. Or at the very least give the portals more HP. This will frustrate monsters, but you can add a long cool down in between portal placements.

In addition to longer cool downs, it can be made such that both portals have to be in the dome and they can be no more than 80 meters apart.
Monsters can work with this-- not easily, but that’s the point!?

The idea is to give her a defensive ability similar to Sunny’s boost (Minus the shield drone).

Side note, I want to make clear that I love this game, it’s uniquely perfect. No game is more fun, and the balance is pretty close, I’m just suggesting changes that would make Kala useful. Otherwise I doubt people would pick her. And FYI , I like to think I have above average shooter skills :wink: (Slvr Exprt, XBone) but I’m no professional.


What’s stopping me from constantly throwing them down to get instantly back to where I was or where I want to go?


This right here. :wink:


Did not see that.


This is actually a pretty good idea then. Switching it from portal open time to portal deploy time is good.


glad you like it haha


good use of this ability means the difference between a mitigating monster losing only their armour, and a mitigating monster losing a good chunk of their real health. It doesn’t matter if only 3 are doing damage if the damage is more useful than it usually is :wink:

What I would say though, in general, is that Kala is so unique and so different in how she applies her support to the game… it’s far too early to see her as weak or strong. I’m playing with Kala players that are still experimenting at the moment with how to play with her, and even with some of those that I see who do feel confident with her… the people on her team don’t know how to work with her yet.

Kala is going to need much more time than usual as a hunter before we really get a feeling for how she really is.


You may be right! I think we can start the coversation. I’ve played with her and don’t like her teleporters inside of combat. Outside they’re decent


Specifically on the teleports, I think I’d hate it as a monster if I was wailing on a body and suddenly it was gone. We already know from Laz that monster players hate when their work is undone from beneath them while they’re meleeing.

The teleports don’t take long to spark up, I’ve used it on occasion to throw a teleport on a hunter where the monster has moved away from the body for a second (much the same way you choose to go in as Laz for a revive)… I think this is a fair trade off at the moment… it works, but not if you’re trying to do it right underneath the monsters nose!


I don’t like it. I’ll take a five second setup time over a five second replacement time any day.


The amount of restrictions on kala’s teleporter are sort of detrimental to her role as a support.

I think the initial charge time should be brought down to 3 secs and the recharge time should be brought down to 5 secs for each individual hunter

I really hate when TRS includes strange circumventable mechanics that not only creates a veritable difference between high level and low level Kala (10 sec armtime) but also creates sharp difference between the average player and forumites who take the time to find this info


It wouldn’t be a total loss for monsters- who ever was teleported will be seperated from the group, depending on where the other portal was placed. But you’re right dude- this is on the verge of being OP. But I’m saying make it that way, give it a long cooldown, and maybe even nerf Kala’s damage a bit. Otherwise these portals are poopy. :wink:


Y,know though. I think if her numbers don’t improve soon there are a couple numbers between the inconvient 5 and the obnoxious 0 they can try

Fun is no reason to make a character worse than Sunny… It would literally be impossible to kill good Kala’s


My complaint on about Kala is the armor reducer, it needs more of an angle to it because it is way to linear. I like the portal idea you are suggesting but as you said they are easily destroyed and monsters could stop you from teleporting. I much rather have that 15 second cool down brought down to around 10 after coming out from a portal before you can go back and for compensation, make it so you can’t put a portal outside of the dome and another inside of one.


I’m cool with this!


Not exactly- no shield drone here. Just portals that work during combat. Yes it will frustrate a monster, and make hunters joyous, but with the right cool downs and restictions it can still be fair. Right now monsters are all too happy to face kala, we should change that. Kala for President.


Imo the only buff nessesary is a larger health pool, so that it doesnt get destroyed by everything instantly. Standing close to a teleporter against a Goliath that uses Flamebreath makes any escape attempt useless. Im ok with it being destroyed quickly, but there should be a shorttime window where you can get in but the Flamebreath doesnt destroy it.
That being said, I think 165-170 is an optimal value for this purpose, as there is no ability that would destroy it any faster with damage increase.

The teleporter should not be used reactively, like oh my teammate is in trouble, zap, he is 100 meters away. I think they should be in strategic posistions where teammates can escape into if nessesary.

Btw, while I do agree that its not the most useful in combat, it appears way too strong in certain situations during the chase. Imo the 15 second return delay should carry over to the pad of the same color after it has been redeployed. Otherwise you can just keep teleporting from one end of the map to the other every 5 to 7 seconds without the monster getting far away.


Okay but you could still do that but just placing the same color portal again and thats like 3 seconds. My idea isn’t to make her OP. It’s to make her slightly more effective in combat. Leave the health, reduce the cool down and remove ability to place a portal outside of a dome. Pretty fair trade.

Oh and give her armor reducer more of an angle. Way to linear, I think cabot’s damage amp even has more.


You make good points- teleporters may be too good for chase and zapping someone 100 meters away is a bit much (though that itself may work in favor for monsters).

How about other restrictions - teleporters have to be placed within 80 meters of one another- and monsters can smell them. Again, don’t forget long cool downs. See, I want them to work like Sunny’s boost- defensively.


Kala is a bit lackluster on the playfield as the in-combat mechanics are subpar compared to other supports. You dont need there anymore “waiting” time to find that out because its nothing that does change with more experience. Teleporters are (against -decent and above- monsters) incombat not useable. The catching is easier with it yes, but to be honest since the instant doming its really not complicated to catch a monster.

And the armor reducer is then the thing you could use while the monster is caught, but if you really look at it, i’d prefer a damage boost anytime over armor reduce because i can still use it when the armor is gone and i gain nothing with kala, and you’d need a LOT of domes to only kill the monster with armor reducer(=means you’re dead long before and the monster has won).

The reducer is only helpful if your team isnt able to do damage to the monster without armor reducer in the dome time, multiple times (meaning more then 1 dome) you got a serious problem anyway because your team does far to less damage overall and will most likely lose no matter if you have armor reducer or not.

At the end what i want to say:
Kala doesnt really feels good as a support. I like to play support and for me that means a playstyle like Hank, Sunny or Cabot. i can decide how to support my team with shields, defensive, boosts. However as Kala my only “option” infight is damage as no teleporter pads will work and without armor the armor reduce isnt a option too so…no options at all(cloak doesnt count as its available to every support anyway).