Ways to break your Conventions. Weapon based mobility


I love rocket jumps, I love mine jumps, I even had the time to enjoy grenade jumps as a demoknight.

You guys have set yourselves some very strict mobility based rules around movement speed and jetpacks and I figured if there was any way at all in the system to toy with it, it would be in the weapons systems.

Having damage, and mobility limit each other and your capacity to deal damage limited by your mobility I think makes for a very serious cost, for scouting, evasion and other such things.

I don’t honestly know if you’ll take to it, but I figured as a suggestion it would be something to throw out there and see if you have a comment for it.

I wouldn’t mind seeing another robot maybe some sorta modified bomb disposal thing with a wacky explosion addicted ai, or something along those lines, or maybe an alien that find the concepts of explosions amusing and can handle large blasts as easily as taking a slap…

To make the cost of that mobility interesting and important to decide and detrimental to the team I think it would be a good fit for the assault, very heavily weapon focused and keyed into weapons as core-kit stuff, and their roles as damage dealer/tank.

I seriously enjoy highly mobile gameplay, and don’t mind if its pretty high skill cap stuff.

Mobility is an interesting problem because of the sorts of things scouting does for your team, so I figure the concept for "ok come on…its cool that you did this but seriously…balance."After you tinker out how to fly way too far… So like your limbs rocket off, or you splat, and some regeneration animation happens and you become an easy target for the monster, as these bio-luminescent(really like that word and the effects in gen.) juices, or tractor beams and magnets fire off, or who knows rockets!?

If you happen to hit the monster there’s some sort of uber achievement and voice over work goes off with whatever series of dialogue options make the most fun of it.

The weapon probably has to be a mine launcher to fit into a cohesive kit.

Ok you find the monster, and you’ve got these mines, and you’re really mobile, so your kit is about finding the monster, running away, or keeping yourself a live, and running away, while damaging it if it chases you…or separating your team by putting out mines or sticky bombs or what have you, that control space, and at worst move the player away from the monster.

If thats too close to support design the mines could have much smaller aoes and be more skill based to where… you could only really do it in a small set of instances for that support based thing ‘in fight’ to work, so its marginal utility at best.


I think that is an interesting way of being able to push some weapons a bit more while still balancing them. I think it is important for a co-op game for the team to be able to stick together. However if the hunter only had a penalty while their “big gun” was deployed, along with a suitable couple of second animation to set up and take down it could work. Perhaps have an assault class that turns into a mounted, completely immobile, weapons platform while one of its weapons is active. In a way you already see this with weapon range. Hyde can deal more damage but if the monster moves out of range you lose time shooting while changing weapons.


I think having a Jetpack adds enough mobility that we wouldn’t need anything else. A good jetpacker can keep out of reach pretty decently. The last thing we would want is playing a game of tag where the monster is trying to get a hold of hunters only to have the hunters have X amount of skills to evade even more.


Technically if I’m being honest they’ve already done this with the mortar strike…

Its just on the end of where the movement speed increase is the marginal utility that doesn’t matter much.

There’s some high skill stuff you can do with it, and thats cool…but I’d rather a guy straight up designed around making that interesting.