Waypoints while minimap is up


I was wondering if anyone else, wanted to see the waypoints on your player screen, while you have the map up. I don’t like that when I pull up my map, all of the pings disappear, and are replaced on my larger map instead. Like if someone pinged the monster, while I had my map up, why does it cause them to disappear, and me be unable to view them anymore?

Is there already an option for this, that I just missed in my 52 hours in Beta, or is this something that isn’t added yet, or ever?


I have already suggested that the minimap needs improvement.When playing Hunter i play more with the minimap than my view.I simply suggested the minimap getting refreshed somehow showing me where the pings+Abe track or UAV is.Like a constant refresh.Hope it will be worked out


I would have to check, but I’m pretty sure the minimap shows the pings and monster location and everything else on the minimap itself. Unless you are talking about the HUD elements, in which case I’m fine with them not being there.


Yeah I can get behind this for sure.


If you already have the minimap open and Bucket tracks the monster or someone pings while you ALREADY have the minimap open it won’t work.

If you close it tho and reopen it,things will be okay.It needs a refresh


I remember this was surfaced in another thread before, and MacMan said it was due to performance reason.

Here it is:


I like that the minimap isn’t very effective.


Ouch, sounds terrible. So it’s not possible to keep the markers you already see, while you open your minimap? If someone marks the monster, and you get a red ping, it was not showing up on my screen for me, where I view myself, gun, and landscape, that’s what I mean by that.


Yea, at least currently it seems not. Depending on the devs, maybe we could get it next time.


I think it was mentioned as a drawback for having the Minimap up. You don’t see that stuff, because it would not only make it chaotic, but you would have NO reason at all to bring the Minimap down. People can play with it up all the time, and that’s wrong.


Just kidding. :wink: xD

Honestly though, I hate it in games when they sorta push you to look at the minimap more than the actual surroundings (cough League of Legends cough). I like to see shear, but not through a minimap. In my opinion they have a fine balance between minimap and no minimap.


It might be because all my life i’m playing Dota.But i tried it in Evolve and i liked it.What i didn’t like is that i had to close minimap and then reopen it.Welp if you guys think its working the way it is supposed then i’m cool


I find the lack of HUD elements kinda crippling because you cant see status changes of your team which can be quite cruicial at times, like you’re gazing over your map and you dont realise one of your teammates gets eaten by a plant, or when Daisy has found the monster and the icon above his head turns red, but because you left the map open, it doesnt show on ur screen and the monster takes off.

If possible, I would like to ask for HUD elements to remain while the map is open. What do the others think?


I disagree. Using the map is a choice. It isn’t designed to be open all the time. Pop it up, see what needs to be seen and put it back.


I preferred to keep my minimap up at all times, so that I could see and coordinate with my team. Without the map, you are stuck seeing their names through walls, and trying to judge about where they are. I honestly prefer to have exact locations on my members in the game at all times. But I also want to see the information they are attempting to share with my on my screen, and I cannot easily do that, while trying to pay attention to them at the same time. It seems you either communicate with your team through pings, and don’t know where they themself are, or you watch where they are, and can’t see what they want you to see. It makes no sense to me. What would be terrible about seeing your team members locations at all times? That would be a good thing, would it not?

I know some people don’t like it and whatnot, but everyone prefers a different playstyle, I just prefer them both together. But I understand if it doesn’t work that way, not all games are able to fix everything to make it best for the individual players.


This goes away with map experience, also, there is a distance marker for every Hunter that you see. Also, a useful compass in the bottom gives rough directions, though that can be faulty because it’s based on the person talking. My NE could be very different from your NE for instance :stuck_out_tongue:


I played 52 hours in Beta, I just prefer to have exact markers from an aerial point of view. I’m a strange person, I know. This is mostly because I prefer exact information, due to playing arena’s in WoW, and raiding for years (although I did play against my friends who played arena’s in wow in Vanilla, I started doing arena in BC).


I used the minimap view a LOT…

you get used to not having 3d markers.

3d markers are a shill that should never have been implemented into any game EVER honestly.

I fuckin HATE 3d markers.

In any case, if I need the 3d marker, I just close the map for a sec.


Yes, the pings show up on the mini map. Only issue, they are a big circle on a 2D surface. You can look in the direction, but there is a lot of elevation and things so you know the area to look, but you have to turn off the minimap to see specifically the location behind the rock ping or where ever it is.


why is that wrong?