Way to punish toxic players


Recently I been running into players that are extremely toxic.

We need a way much like LoL to report and punish this players, else this community will be crap and unfriendly.

As a sane person I enjoy this game a thousand ways more without toxic players filing me with crap and bothering me.

I even had a player leaving lobbies where I was and calling me names, cause he lost one game where I was part of his team.

He complained I suck as assault and did little damage, when I actually wasn’t at fault and did 40k of DMG that round.

I understand as a mature person I should just ignore, but he is one of many, and after multiple games it frustrates and bothers me.

Game right now doesn’t feel as enjoyable as the first days (both during the entire legacy and first days of stage 2).


Knowing this game though, people would just abuse it.

For example reporting just for a certain character pick, because monster was too skilled for them, because they just don’t like you.

A lot of people will do that.


Just get to higher levels. At level 27, I rarely run into toxic players, as the people who tend to have stuck around enough to get that high are more mature. Those toxic people have long rage quit because the other team is OP no matter which side they play.


Reporting a player for character pick is ridiculous, and the players reporting that are being toxic.

If they managed to do it on LoL, they can do it on Evolve, we need to control the toxic players.

@Zachary_Ogburn I’m Lv. 25 and ran into three toxic players just today.


Sadly, this seems to be the norm but look on the bright side - you may get lucky and hear a kid get slapped by his mother…if only I had that recorded but yeah there is something wrong with these so called gamers.


Yup. :slight_smile: That won’t stop them, though.

Correct. However, there’s no way for the reported player to know, is there now?

Toxic players are common, yes, but I feel like this will have more abuse than good use.

I agree 100% that controlling toxics would be nice, but I don’t think this is the best way to do so.


We all open to suggestions on how to control the toxic players.


Sadly when a game becomes more accessible for all players the CoD kiddies come around. It’s a shame but it’s something you have to deal with if the game is going to remain successful.

There should just be a report type button like consoles have. You report someone or block someone and you don’t get matched with them again.


A simple block option would do, report rarely does a thing unless it stockpiles from other players.


Would be abused. People could report others just because they are salty that they lost.


You can get matched with blocked people on PS4. I do it a lot.


That sucks. I haven’t seen that yet on Xbox.


Yeah, blocked just prevents interaction like messages or profile viewing.


the reason there is no punishment is because of abuse.

In R6, if you have a party and 1 or two randoms, you have complete domination to kick ANYONE OUT as much as you want. Like if they want their friend in instead of you. Trust me, KIDS WILL ABUSE IT!


chat is a waste of time in pugs, either people are on voice chat or they aren’t


Report systems make the game more toxic. It’s to easily abused. Just mute folks you don’t like. Gotta have ballz of steel to play this competitive of a game.


If you report someone or block them on Xbox it’s supposed to not let you get matched with them


Lucky you! Im jelly.