Wauwauwauwauwauwauwau Audio Clip


Anyone else hear this weird “wauwauwauwauwau” audio clip. I’ve gotten it twice while playing the game.


From what Hunter, if a Hunter at all? Or is it just a random sound clip?


Random sound clip. Not a hunter


It could be the Spotter’s new sound effect. The spotter kinda sounds like a deer and a hyena.


No. It’s a human being hyping out
Maybe I’m going crazy but after hearing it twice and sounding exactly the same, I know it’s real.


You know what I’m talking about right? I’m not crazy?


You mean his “Wauwauwauwauwau” line he keeps saying over and over throughout the match? Yeah, me too.

Edit: Nevermind, not a hunter sound. Still, never heard “Wau” before either. Tired/blind. :smiley:


Yeah. I don’t know how to make that sound out of letters


It’s Jack’s repulsor thing. He’s being dubsteppy. They added more audioclips in for him.


Well it sounds like someone hyping out. But good to know.


When is Jack not hyping out :P?


I don’t know what it is, but it sounds hilarious.


Use your repulsor on a monster successfully and he has the chance to do dubstep noises :stuck_out_tongue:


Someone please upload this if they can. I have to hear it.