Water monster?


In one if the tips it is said that the Ajax ( torvalds ship/sub )was attacked by a monster and that’s why he is all torn up and robotic but he eventually rebuilds it. Probably just a story but maybe a new monster based in the water?


It is also stated that he rebuilds it so it’s capable of diving, forgot that detail


It’s a space ship, homey.


And the awkward silence begins. :kraken_stare:


Yeah I would have guessed but when it said diving I kind of got confused
P.S. No silence for you


Did someone say water monster?


I would except that as a new monster


I love you for the amnesia reference!


In one of torvald’s stories talking with sunny I think he said his crew tried to bring back a monster on his ship and it got loose and killed everyone except him. And fun fact did u know most monster designs and skins were influenced by sea creatures.