Watch Dogs 2


Watch Dogs 2 announced!

I really did like the first game but it was a tad too restrictive. Seems like now with a whole bunch of stuff being added it’ll be a whole lot better of a game.
Here’s the character trailer and another video explaining more of the features.


Love the new character !


Can’t wait to check out these vids. I really liked the first game. It had its foibles, but I had a blast playing.


I always felt like the 1st game was figuring out what Watch Dogs was. Now this seems to be what Watch Dogs is fully realised.
There better be a Segway


I never got around to playing WD, too busy with other games.


I really don’t like it, nor do I like Ubisoft as a developer. Probably going to avoid it.


I’ll wait to see how it develops, however I think it’s a very good improvement


Gosh november 15th is so far away.
The first WD was decent. The main character Aiden Peirce was a very boring character to me(i liked T-Bone). And the replayability was awful. But its on the same page as Assassins Creed 1 for me. Meaning this sequel( like AC2) is going to take all the things that were good from WD an flip it into a game to love the fuck out of.
I also really hope they bring back the Digital Trips, those minigamea were probably my favorite thing to do over an over again. They were so fun!


Looks like im headed to gamestop this weekend to get WD so i can have it fresh in my memory.


Wasn’t the first one a flop? Why are they making another one?


It wasn’t a flop…


I don’t believe it was. It was actually pretty fun.


Did you try it? If not then u cant consider it a flop. You gotta give everything your own try before labeling something. Dont read reviews an make your opinion on something, give it your own try first
Because if you dont your just a sheep… :sheep:
:sheep: :sheep:


@BearStream @TheMountainThatRoars @BobZomb1e I’m not talking about whether the game was bad or not; I mean in terms of actually making bank. The game got a lot of poor critical reception, and I’ve never really heard good things about it. I was under the impression that it saw some pretty poor sales post-release, rather like with Evolve. Then again, the first Witcher game was kind of a financial fail, but Wild Hunt happened and certainly made bank.


Evolve and Watch Dogs didn’t do badly in sales terms. Like I said, it didn’t do bad. Both games were viewed bad by most people, but neither sold badly.


It had solid sales numbers, but the critical reception was decent. I don’t expect the sequel to pull in amazing numbers unless they really get their shit together and stop showing flashy trailers and then downgrading it for release. By this time Ubisoft is treading on thin ice with how they’re pulling that card.


technically, most games were looked down upon by people in 2015 and 2014.


I like how they’ve taken the time to improve on what people wanted more from the game, especially the combat/hack system. As well as a hopefully better character and more world building, because in the last game it was mostly just about you and CTOS you don’t really get a sense of the city and the people. Speaking of the AI of the people were pretty boring and repetitive in the first game, people have said that there were missing stuff that was hyped about but didn’t made into the game.

I’ll keep an eye on this one, and buy it someday. I enjoyed the exploration and gameplay elements of the first game which I think is where it all it really comes down to. But seeing the improvements of areas that were lacking and taking what we loved and increasing it times 10 is very encouraging.

It wasn’t I think it was one of the more popular new IPs of that year.

A lot of people don’t do their research when they go buying games and basically just jump on the hype-bandwagon. So what ends up happening is their unrealistic expectations (in some cases shady tactics by devs/publishers to sell their stuff) is not met and they go on venting online spewing hate dumps. With how review systems work, people whom aren’t well informed in talking about the points of the games and stuff that matter. All you end up getting are “game is repetitive, game is shit, devs are greedy, game is walking stimulator” comments, that will make you facepalm.

This is a very toxic behavior, one that I don’t think will go away for a while, until more people start making better decisions.


Who do I have to talk to in order to secure one of these custom titles? :joy:
I want an Alcoholic Scientist title so bad.
so bad.
Back on topic though, I never got to play Watchdogs. It looked fun, but right around the time it came out I was OBSESSED, with Shadow of Mordor and Evolve. Those two games alone were the main reasons I bought a PS4. Plus, I had GTA 5 next gen, so I already had a driving shooting game. But i do want to play Watchdogs sometime.


Well the original Watch Dogs is on sale for $12 as of right now. :smiley: