Watch Chris Hardwick take on team nerdist in evolve (video)


Interesting video where Chris tries to beat Team Nerdist :slight_smile:

Remember: Nerdist tournament E3 2014 - The hunt begins tuesday, June 10 @ 3:00 PM PDT!


I think Plaff had a link to that video somewhere else on here. Sad they never show a straight up full match


Oh I didn’t know it was already posted.


Yeah I did, I’m hoping we get another interactive trailer, but for the new hunters, map and monster. At least this way we’ll get a better look at how the new monster moves/attacks etc


Agreed. The more epic videos/trailers with hunters and monsters the more I can excite my friends!


I would love another interactive trailer to be released at E3. IDK if it would be hard to do since they would still have the layout from the first one


I have bet some pieces with friends which kind of monster would be revealed at E3… x)

Times to earn money ! eh eh…


New interactive trailer would be great but I’d settle for a full match of gameplay that is just cut between the various roles and classes (like the commentary part of the interactive trailer). I mostly just want uncut footage of another match.


Yeah the commentary part would be enough for me as well. I wonder if maybe they could release two videos, one with a monster victory and one with a hunter victory