Wasteland trapper #1


So i made it to rank 1 as wasteland maggie, with a lot of help and thought from my team we managed to create a very aggressive set up with val, cabot, wasteland mags, blitz markov.

In my opinion I think this new variation of Maggie now gives her the top spot out of all the trappers. Which is really something because I found jack absolutely amazing.

would love to know if these alternate characters make it onto the tournament scene.


HEEEYYYYY WELL DONE!!! :slightly_smiling::grinning:


thank you very very much!!


Good Job man,:slight_smile:


How do you Guys manage to keep Daisy alive due to her lower healthpool with Cabot and Val ?


thanks a bunch amigo!!!


well kinda impossible. When in a dome, to keep daisy alive, stay far back as possible from monster.


Dunno in my Opinion this comp does not work on a higher lvl of skill.


when we go into a fight i start by placing a trap that is going to pull the monster or hit it in the back so if it does leap or attack out of its hiding area it gets an immediate stop. i then team up with the medic who is up high in safety and let cabot and blitz go to work. refreshing traps in the same pattern by making sure you dont snare it to the front.

the object of daisy surviving is cabot and blitz putting far to much stress with constant snare pulls that the monster should feel its losing from the word go that it has absolutely no time to worry about daisy.


Wow! That’s amazing. You have now earned braggin rights. Just don’t get salty and stuff. :wink:


thanks man its appreciated, definitely no salt lol


WITNESS! You have certainly earned your place in Valhalla!



btw what platform?


Hahaha that picture is either really old or you aren’t looking at the true global leaderboards, just regional. I know because I’m number 3 and have been at least #4 for the last 2 days and I’m not in your picture.

The current #1 seems to be boosting currently. W/L of like 23 something (evidence below).

@Joe_Carson1 might be on regional leaderboards, but still. That’s #1 regional. Not #1 as the title leads to suggest.


Told ya :wink: got bumped to 4 again myself.

Please stop lying, you are 40 behind #1 I doubt that happened in 2 hours -.-

Might want to change your title to #7 there bud.


regional is still pretty cool i reckon. Its good to see so many people still playing the game.


Im probably ALL the way at the bottom. Anyway good job, man! Your reward is…hmmmm…umm…maybe, no not that…um…how about pride in yourself! Yeah, that works!


wow, my friend chill out am sensing an attitude problem here. so i got it wrong, if its regional i will take that also.


xbox 1 amigo.


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