Wasteland Suggestions


So in my last hour of eliting Wasteland Maggie I’ve grown to already have some suggestions for the matter.

I’m going to be using my opinions on the matter as well as others’ to express my points. (If anyone I quote wishes I do not use their opinion let me know and I’ll remove it)

Onto the suggestions:

##Improve Wasteland Daisy’s AI

What I mean by this is that the new Daisy, despite having a giant flamethrower strapped to her back, still cowers like a small dog surrounded by horses. She is meant to have a decent amount of damage dealing capability but from what I’ve seen she shares identical AI to the original Daisy, meaning she avoids combat at all costs and runs all the time.
This is fine and all for normal Daisy as she has a lot of health and no damage but Wasteland Daisy has little damage potential since all damage occurs in a small window when Daisy and the Monster are close together but then that window is quickly closed when Daisy runs away as fast as she can in the opposite direction. This stops her from dealing any true damage because she doesn’t actively try to deal it and instead actively runs away.
EDIT: Wasteland Daisy should also be programed to stop pouncing since she now has the capabilities to do so.

I think an AI like the one @MaddCow describes below would be much more beneficial rather than the standard Daisy AI.

##Increase Wasteland Daisy’s HP

To me, Wasteland Daisy is too squishy, simple as that. As stated above I get she has damage unlike OG Daisy and therefore something must be changed but I don’t think everything about Maggie has to be changed. First of all, Daisy now does flame damage, which WM’s burst pistol AND harpoons do too. None of these things stack, they only reset the timer until the afterburn runs out so her damage is good but it’s not great, IMO that doesn’t mean that her health should be lowered.
Also to mention, she only gets one deployable, that means that both Daisy and her harpoons have gotten a massive blow for having fire damage when all of which do not stack and don’t do additional damage.
My opinion is shared with @Alex_Versnel when he says he doesn’t believe that both changes are worth it and MaddCow believes she should get a health buff.

In my honest opinion, give Daisy back her original health, she’s too squishy without it and doesn’t deal enough damage as is, primarily due to everything stacking and her AI to justify the change.

##Make the Burst Pistol "fun"
I get that it’s a burst weapon and isn’t meant to be automatic but the pistol to me has too short of a burst to be fun. It fires a few bullets very rapidly and stops. This helps accuracy a great deal but it means that to deal any damage worth anything you have to spam the mouse button (or trigger) just to keep firing. I think it would be better if you were to increase the duration of the burst and if that doesn’t feel right then maybe the capacity too and lower the damage possibly. As it stands currently it isn’t very fun to sit and spam the button to keep firing IMO.

This concludes my suggestions for now.


Me likey your suggestions :smiley:


I agree tha Daisy needs more health. As I’ve just finished eliting Maggie, I love the way the pistol fires. That’s pretty much how I shoot most guns anyway. Except for minigun and AA cannon. So I’m ok with it firing like that.

And as for Daisy’s AI, maybe a ho and run won’t be so bad.


I like the gun and how it fires, reminds me of my counter strike days. :smiley:


I guess it would be too much work for the devs to give Flame Daisy an other AI than Vanilla Daisy.

Yes, the burst pistol has too many bursts. It needs longer bursts and longer time inbetween bursts. Spamming left click is stupid. It should work like the Famas from Counter Strike.

I feel like Wasteland Maggie does very little damage. Especially the Burst Pistol. And since burn doesn’t stack you can’t even do very much damage if you are constantly hitting harpoons and are shooting at the same time.

It would be cooler if the Harpoon would be a timed bomb. If you don’t break the Harpoon in X seconds, it explodes and damages you. As of now, it’s just another burn damage. As if the Monster isn’t aflame already…

I must say I am a little bit disappointed. She looks cool and all. But her kit is weak and a little boring. I don’t really play Vanilla Maggie often. But I still like her more than Wasteland Maggie.


Daisy is too weak hp wise to go up and attack tbh. Good suggestions


Maggies smg does a max of 200 for a norm. clip. Wasteland deals similiar i think. Her dmg isnt terrible imo


It’s not good either.


True dat true dat M-A-G-S


I agree with the suggestions apart from the SMG not feeling fun. I personally love the new SMG compared to OG Maggie’s. I feels nice and gives WL Maggie a new and unique feel.

Otherwise, I totally agree :slight_smile:


Daisys flamethrower appears to slow monster after a while in the showcase at char select. Anyone see this?


The AI is ok, but Daisy should shoot pounced hunters (don`t know if she is doing that atm). It is ok that she is running away, cause as long as the monster focuses Daisy you can keep the fire going.
I like the way she shoots. It is not sprey and pray anymore.
Maybe the harpoon should get a stronger impact. A bit like Griffins (maybe not the same impact, but close to it).
At least it is the first day she is out. Most of the things that got mentioned are only opinions. Let us look at grafs and numbers later.


Haven’t had the time to look at everything and I’m short on time, but Wasteland’s dots are all unique and do stack.


I have to run from one side of the monster to the other in hopes that daisy follows me to do some dmg


Does it stack with Hyde’s or Caira’s Fire?


I hope enough devs see this I love maggie but this variation is lacking especially Daisy’s AI.


If they’re truly unique then it would suggest so :scream:


Yes. 10chars


Do they stack with each other or just with the other unique DoT’s? Ex: does her pistol apply multiple DoT’s?


Each weapon has its own DoT, so hitting repeatedly with the burst pistol will just reset the timer rather than stack.