Wasteland Maggie's Flamethrower Daisy


I’m trying to finish Eliting all the Hunters before Stage 2 comes to consoles, whenever that may be, currently working on Wasteland Maggie. All I have left for her to do is roughly 7,000 more residual burn damage with Daisy’s flamethrower, but the last few days Daisy simply REFUSES to attack the Monster. She runs, hides, and actively AVOIDS the Monster rather than fighting it. Is this a bug? Or did they do something where there’s some trick to make Daisy attack now, that I’m not aware of?


Daisy is a big fat coward, if the monster hits her she’ll run away for a while (which deters her from rezzing downed hunters). If the monster keeps cleaving in her direction she’ll keep bottling it and backing off.

Man’s best friend? I call it a light snack between bipedal meals :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, it’s so true though. But Waisy isn’t a coward “She fucking melts the fucking Monster’s fucking face off” :stuck_out_tongue:


I might be wrong about it, but I thought she used the same AI with the flamethrower just firing off when she wasn’t running away.


Well by the sounds of it Aquaman is a Console player

Are you a console player too?

If yes, Daisy got a AI Overhaul. I’ll see if I can find it brb


Nah, PC for me. A good PC and a wired 360 controller and you can conquer the world!


Oh thank god, you saved my poor brain :stuck_out_tongue: But yea I was pretty sure she improved in being played with


Farming masteries is a pretty good way to pass the time.


This really not true, consoles don’t allow frequent downloads like Steam does. It takes about a Month for each update to happen. So PC is in Beta and always being fixed so that when Beta is done, they will give it to consoles :slight_smile: @GrizzleMarine explained it in this video:



You’ve been here long enough to know that we have a “Trapper” category on these forums. Use it. Thanks.


Its so funny I STILL get people asking me about console in the comment section of that video. Makes me want to kil… I mean hug them all so bad.


ON a coincidental note…

Wraith Decoy is Spawning and just standing still near edges… (maybe same glitch)