Wasteland maggie's daisy flamethrower broken


SO, looks like the flamethrower on daisy doesnt break pounces on daisy OR on hunters. pounced maggie, daisy walks up, RAA FLAME THROWER, no damage and no pounce broken.

flame thrower is also doing no damage while daisy is pounced.

intended? just relaying what ive noticed lately.


This isn’t a bug. All Daisy’s flamethrower does is apply a DOT, it’s doesn’t do damage in the same way Hyde’s flamethrower does.


Aww, that is kind of disappointing.


I think it’s to allow monster to still pounce last hunter without worrying about Daisy tbh. Plus, it means that pouncing Maggie (As daisy is always closeby) would be nearly impossible.


Thats kind of silly IMO due to Daisy’s cute little health bar. One rock and she is gone.

But hey, Im not the dev. I respect all decisions. Was just something I was looking forward to ;-;


True, but having 4 things that can de-pounce you instead of 3 changes things up. But, who knows if that is the reason they chose. That is just what I feel is the reason.


well the dot isnt working. im not taking any damage from her flamethrower.


You mean when you’ve pounced Daisy?


when i pounce her or a hunter, she walks up and flames me, health bar doesnt move. tested this by walling of a hunter with bob while daisy was right next to us, in a cave to boot. no damage from her whatsoever.


What platform are you on?




also, 123456789 10 there 10 characters ya happy?



Wait, it’s getting re-worked? Someone! get all the youtubers!!! @SomewhatAwesome! @MaddCow! I expect I video if decoy is getting reworked!!!


There’s a thread already:

In response to the topic, I feel like the Daisy health change was a mistake because the FT is so weak. They should balance either the FT or the heath upwards a little bit.


What bothers me is the Hyde and Mad Maggie dialogue on the drop ship. “Don’t strap a flamethrower on my dogs back.” When there already is one on it? Ya I realize that is damn near impossible to fix cheaply due to Mad Maggie and Vanilla Maggie sharing dialogue but it still makes no sense.


I just call it irony and leave it at that, plus the conversation is still entertaining because flamethrower is flamefrower. :slight_smile:


True, but it sounds like this isn’t happening for a while.


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