Wasteland Maggie's Current State

Are we ever gonna see her getting buffed? Her damage per second is around 60-65 and Regular Maggie deals around 160-170 damage per second without a single sacrifice of utility compared to Wasteland.

16.7 Damage Per Bullet vs. 5 Damage Per Bullet. DoT can’t compensate that difference, besides Daisy’s damage is AI sourced, heavily depends on positioning so its inconsistent. Harpoon, the monster can break it up without even seeing it :stuck_out_tongue:

End-game damage score may be bugged, but that is not the case. These values are in-game based and Wasteland’s weakness is too obvious.

Not really…

Waggie does 14 DP with her Burst Pistol = 2 Bullets per Burst

Daisy does 28 DP per Tick as well as her Flame Harpoons

Very unreliable

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What? Why?

As the OP said :

Likely to do very little/no damage against a Kraken, but might do a fair bit against a Gol/Bob

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Waggie does 14 DOT damage per second which is apart. Her pistols base damage is only 5 per BULLET, which can’t be compensated by DoT damage because it is very low compared to Regular Maggie’s 16.7 Damage Per Bullet Machine Pistol.
Waisy’s and harpoons, like i said, “inconsistent”, heavily dependent on how the fight goes.

Show me these statistics

Anyone who played Maggie and Waggie knows Waggie is a nothing more than a pile of Trapjaw doodoo compared to Maggie.

You don’t need mathmatics, screenshots and numbers to realise this lol.

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It’s been a long time since I played evolve but I do not believe What u said was uneducated.u also sound arrogant

Waggle had/has advantages over Maggie.

Maggie has no accuracy . Also I don’t remember attack daisy to be inconsistent really

Last Devs talked about Waggie they said that she was still dealing too much damage, so I don’t see her getting buffs any time soon.

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Wasn’t this the case a long time ago

It was the case before the last time she was nerfed. She isn’t getting buffs any time soon.

I bet she “was”, but stats are obvious, and like I said, Maggie can deal even more damage and she also has more utility.

The stats that matter are the telemetry, and they have specific damage output data that they’ve been getting since launch of Stage 2. Waggie was out damaging Maggie as expected, but also out damaging the other trappers too.

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you see, these posts are mostly representing the “past”, I would like to know how CURRENTLY she is doing about those damage outputs. Without a proof I can’t believe that Wasteland is dealing more damage, because the difference between 5-16.7 per bullet can’t be compensated by 14 dps DOT. and waisy’s damage is (im saying it over and over and over again) inconsistent, sometimes she deals 500 sometimes she deals 1.7k, you cant trust on that AI

utility isnt the problem

Waggie in her current state isn’t worth it IMO. She needs to do more damage to make up for the lack of traps. Daisy AI is so inconsistent ivecseen her bark instead of attack.

I’m not being clear enough obviously.

This was just before the latest patch which lowered her damage. We’re not talking about the “Past” we are talking about the present, the present that had her as the most damaging trapper and thus requiring a nerf.