Wasteland maggie


I began to play again due to the fact that evolve went F2P.
I bought the game went it came out and played trapper.
When I came back, I saw new hunters and especially wasteland maggie.
I saw on the forum that she was overall stronger than the other trappers, in term of control, hunt capacity and damage but I don’t know if I missed a patch because I don’t deal a whole lot of damage with her.
So if anyone could tell me if her damage got nerfed or what are her actual stats.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Before the F2P patch Waggie was stronk. She had a bug which meant she was dealing more damage than she should and that has been fixed.

She is meant to be a damaging (over time) trapper, somewhat less damaging directly than Abe but with the potential to be as potent. Her control in a fight was meant to be less than Maggie as a result, though it didn’t really turn out that way so they nerfed her snare too.

Waggie is a great hunter to play if you want to spend more time running and gunning, though some will rightly argue with the right perks you could do the same AND be more controlling with Maggie, so YMMV.


Ok thanks, now I understand a bit more why I didn’t do as much damage as other trappers.
I think I’ll stick with Crow and Abe, I prefer their gameplay anyway :slight_smile: