Wasteland Maggie Strategy, Tips and Advice


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Stage 2: Wastleland Maggie Strategy, Tips and Advice

Will WLM Daisy get a mine dropper? Hyde said that DaisyDog should have a mine dropper.

As a tip, always place your snare in choke points and beside objects so that when a monster walks through that choke point, the snare will trigger. Leaving it out in the open won’t do much CC and the snare will be broken fast. Once the snare is triggered, place another one, keeping 1 up at all times for best CC.



when dome is going down and Monster get caught by harpoon, try to get ahead of him ( and place another trap). there is high chance that monster will get pooned again as he is trying to escape.


Place the next harpoon as the monster starts turning to take the last one out of his butt. He doesn’t get the satisfaction of breaking it while the same cc effect is in place. Also the next one fires faster this way.


When you’re fighting Wasteland Maggie, keep in mind Daisy has much lower health than OG Daisy. While Medic can heal her and Support can shield her, a quick combo can get her down before they have time to react. Killing Daisy takes away their major tracking tool.


I usually kill Daisy out of spite lol