Wasteland Maggie questions

Can someone explain what is wrong with Wasteland Maggie right now?

Playing her feels kind of meh to me. It once told me at the end of one my games that I only did ~350 dmg with her gun. How does that work? That’s like a poke to the monster.

So what has changed? I know people used to say she was OP. What needs to happen to make her viable again?

Basically for a Maggie variant that trades utility for damage, she not really outputting a noticeable amount of damage over original Maggie. It CAN work if you have everything going, but the Burst Pistol itself isn’t impressive, the harpoon damage is…okay…I guess, and Flamethrower Daisy AI is dumb as rocks making her incredibly unreliable source of damage.

The damage calculated at the end is just the damage from the bullets and not factoring in the damage over time.

She’s been nerfed several patches ago, I think the range on her harpoons.

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yes it was the range of harpoon, from 25m to 20m.

Seriously? Holy crap. -_-

I think u mean trades utility for damage

Dammit, fixed.