Wasteland Maggie is Default


Honestly the variety of Hunter combos is one of many beautiful things about this game. However, wasteland Maggie is ruining this. Wasteland Maggie is easy to play, high damage and involvement, great for tracking, wrecks wraith, and has a Daisy. Whenever I play monster I get 90% WLM. Trapper always had the most diversity. Now WLM has so many advantages that you wouldn’t pick anyone else unless for entertainment.


WM seems pretty balanced to me, sacrifices CC for damage. Also the Wraith is UP in general right now in competitive play but she’s an absolute pub stomper on the other end of things. I’m also wondering what this discussion is about? A WM OP rant?


Not OP just so overly picked because there is no reason to pick a trapper that isn’t crow or griffin over her.


Shes not OP. Shes just new. All characters go through this when they first come out.


Didn’t say op


You mention all positives with no negatives. This to me, and most people who would read this, means you think/feel she is OP. That sentence doesn’t describe balance, you just thinks she super good in all areas.

This also describes OP. No reason to pick outside of entertainment which means you think no other trappers have value. Hence, OP.


Maybe they’re just working on her masteries. I still have a long way to go with her, she takes a long time.


I don’t think any trapper can be dominant enough to be op. If they could it would be due to good dome placement. All other trappers offer similar CC


But that isn’t what you said. Even others think you are saying she is OP with your post. It’s just the way you worded it.


Idk, but in the few games I’ve played against her it seriously seems like she is doing too much damage. I do somewhat agree with OP. WLM almost seems like objectively the best pick. Hard to argue that you should bring a different trapper when she is so good.


I’m fairly certain she was 100% pick/ban rate in yesterday’s Quickshot (granted I was one of the people banning her, but still). So at the very least, the community does believe she’s one of the strongest characters. Whether or not she is is up for debate - but the perception is there.

I don’t think she’s broken or anything, but she certainly brings an awful lot to the table at once. Her CC is good, her damage is great, and much as I love Daisy, her being easy to kill is sometimes a blessing - faster dropships.


How bout this I’m saying that she is the best trapper. Nothing OP about saying that. Chipotle has the best burritos, but it isn’t OP


Saying something is the best means that she is OP because there isn’t a choice. Something can be popular, that doesn’t mean OP. However, saying she is the best means there is no possible 2nd choice, that WOULD mean OP because there is such an imbalance with her that no one else can compete. Semantics, maybe, but you can’t have someone/something be the best in a lineup and not say that term because otherwise people would choose other things.

I don’t agree with her being OP, nor that she is the ‘best’ trapper either. However your word usage still indicates that you think she is the best/OP.


The Following is a link for synonyms for best:
Enjoy :smile:


Nah she isn’t really op, she’s just new and fun to play. in a month she’ll probably be less picked than others.


but eh, I think she’s pretty balanced good damage but nowhere near as annoying as regular mags with the 3x harpoons (better than 5…)



If you really wanna do this:


  1. Smtn. that obtained more power than needed
  2. Smtn. possessing too much power

You are saying she possesses too much power that overshadows any other pick. That is the definition of OP. OP doesn’t have to mean game breaking. OP just means it has more power than anyone else in that category.


Yo, I agree your wording betrays the message you were claiming to convey. Maybe you weren’t intending to call her OP but you certainly worded it as so. This is not a personal attack on you, and it is good that we clarified what you meant.


So the best character in every class is OP


I have to disagree. When placed objects were limited at 5, Maggie was powerful. Once they were limited to 3, regular Maggie became nearly helpless considering they take forever to arm. Some placed objects should be limited to 3, some to 4, and some should have stayed at 5.