Wasteland Maggie - Daisy is not attacking


I’ve just bought Wasteland Maggie and noticed that Daisy is not using a flamethrower. She is actually doing nothing useful. She keeps running around in a stupid way from a clif to clif. Hoping you to put on this matter your immediate attention. Wasteland Maggie is just unplayable right now and I’ve wasted 8000 keys on it.


It won’t be a waste in the end, wasteland Maggie is so fun to play when in the right spot :slight_smile:

I’ll have to play some more and see if daisy is attacking for me at all


When I play her (which is like 90% of the time). I notice that daisy only attacks when close to the monster. It doesn’t seem like the AI was changed much from the normal version. However, this might be preferred as daisy can still pick up people.


However, it’s a bug and it has to be fixed. I do not want to play broken character. I want it the way it meant to be.



My war hound works fine :\

Bear in mind WL Daisy has a decent cooldown on the flame thrower. It more or less comes on for a second or two, and then is on a long cooldown.


Last game I had Daisy dealt 124 damage. Is it fine? xD


mine does like 3k damage. I think you’re broken xD


Devs, fix me then. 4Head


I’ve just played an arena. Daisy used her flame thrower a few times. However in the end it dealt only 746 dmg. It’s like nothing


why is the a button prompt for Daisy but it does nothing?


Daisy takes up an ability spot, but this doesn’t mean you can do anything with a button press.


So Daisy will only use the flamethrower when the monster is close to her. She will not go out of her way to attack the monster. What you might want to try to do is keep the fight near Daisy so she can help out more. Now if you are seeing the monster close to Daisy and she is not using the flamethrower that is a bug and if you see that please send us some video or a screen shot and we will look into it.