Wasn't aware something was wrong with slim

can someone explain? i haven’t seen a difference after hotfix.

he was managing to heal burst every couple of shots of his leech gun AFAIK, at least that was my experience against him.

It was god-like in its excellence!

… not so much for the Monsters, though.

He’s supposed to be able to get three bursts max. Some parts were just bugged in that he was getting more bang for each pellet. If the Slim is good he still should get 2 1/2 - 3 bursts as far as I’m aware.

Uhm… I might be experiencing a bug or something because I tried him out earlier and his healing ability seemed to be a lot faster. It only took 3-4 good shots to fully regenerate the heal burst. It only seemed to take 2 seconds. It seems like how it was pre 5.0 patch, maybe even a little faster

To fully generate your heal burst it took 2 shots with every pellet landing.

You can have 4 HB in a single clip and with proper aim it’s a struggle as a monster to break through.

I think it was bugging the monster :joy: