Was wondering if I could make my own customized T-Shirt with your logo on it to support your game I'm a huge fan


I was just curious if it was possible if I could use your logo to customized a shirt, if not I completely understand I do not want to copyright you guys I just want a shirt to support Turtle Rock is all. I know the answer already I just wanted to take a risk and ask. Evolve is going to be the best game ever to release in my opinion, if you do not agree its cool i’ll just be patience and for you guys to come out with. If you do agree can you have a signed letter sent to my email of confirmation that it is okay for me to use your logo. Thank you so much for taken the time to read this and I hope I didn’t offend anyone.


Good idea but i dont know what they would think about it though :smiley: i would also like to have a T-shirt or a hoodie with evolve and turtle rock studios logos on them :smiley: if a official apparel like that is released i would throw my money on the computer screen XD


lol me as well I just want a shirt lol.


Evolve is the only game I have pre ordered for both PC and PS4 lol


YEP i hear ya for me too :smiley: im already so addicted XD i have to visit this sitr every 15 minutes :smiley: and i want to be involved on the development i hope we as the community can help them make the most epic game ever!


Awesome man agreed.


I too, would also love to have an Evolve shirt! Specifically one with a Goliath featured on the front of it!


Awww wants goliath picture and evolve logo with turtle rock somewhere on it but hoodie for me :3


Yes, a hoodie would be good too! I prefer them, I think! :smiley:


YEP i can imagine it in my head :3!!!


I would prefer a T-shirt with the Goliath and hunters on it. And the logo itself ofcourse!


that sounds cool too :smiley:


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