Was this intended for Goliath?


It really sucks when you can not cancel fire breath. Playing in top level matches vs tournament groups I’ve noticed if you’re chasing your target and breathe fire, and then all of a sudden there’s a griffin hook in your butt preventing you from killing hank, you have to wait until fire breath is over to break the hook. Of course this certain scenario is one I experienced a lot where griffin was landing max range hooks so my fire breath couldn’t reach him. If this is intended I could see griffin being a hard counter to fire breath. It makes me sad panda.

I have no video of this instance at the moment, but I can tell you guys it’s quite frustrating waiting until your fire breath is over to do anything. You can cancel charge so why not fire breath?


You don’t have to wait. All you gotta do is aim the fire at the cord and it breaks


I must be cross eyed or something cause I tried that.


Really? It works for me. Like aim toward Griffin. That should work.


Well when you have two in fire breath and griffin is max range away it’s hard to hit him. Once you’re hit with a hook you have to turn around and look at him and you move slower while breathing fire.


You do know you can jump and fire breath at the same time right? Just if he wants you in his sight so bad, just get in his face and give him a ‘warm’ welcome. See what I did there? xD


Just watch some of my videos and you’ll see what I mean :slight_smile: (link to channel in bio)


I’ll have you show you what I mean. there’s a lot of instances where canceling fire breath would be really helpful… Like for instance breathing fire on wildlife and killing it really fast only to wait until its over to eat.


Eh I never had a reason to cancel it since I use it when it’s extremely necessary. Like against jetpacking hunters, or hunters higher or lower than me in elevation. I just never ran into any of your experiences so I can’t say I understand fully.


Cause nobody else except legendary and I want to play Goliath competitively q_q


I can play him competitively. Just watch some of my videos and see. I’ve been getting great comments from people on my videos and the forums about how it helps them become a better Goliath. I just wanted to showcase myself releasing my inner beast but I never thought about my videos being tutorials in how to become better. Just see for yourself :slight_smile:


I meant to say vs top tier teams like HoY or Epex, that kind of competitively. Pubs are much easier to win >_>.


These aren’t pubs. They are a premade and skilled (my bad I verse a lot of tournies xD) team xD


Yeah like other posters have said, fire breath will break the harpoons


But I will say this, I don’t think that you should have to turn around towards griffin and waste a traversal to break the hook faster. The cool down on the hook is very short and not worth it.


It is worth it when you not only break the leash but get to the target and start pummeling him. Or do what I do most of the time. Once he leashes and you see you have the opportunity, leap smash on top of them. It really starts those Griffin players when you do that haha. I know I’m a highly skilled Goliath player man and I got videos to prove it. Just look at my channel and watch a couple. You’ll see :slight_smile:


Plus I’m giving you pro tips but hey if you don’t wanna try them out and see how they work for you that’s not my problem :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s too much theory craft in there man. If you leap towards griffin now you have wasted valued time to chase after him, giving your primary focus time to heal up and jet pack great distance from you. Also I do not use leap smash because of how buggy it is at it’s current state. The skill is hit or miss and in top level matches most Goliath players do not bother with it. The only one that I can think of right now is legendary.


I know that you can cancel charge attack by pressing the sneak button when you are charging, nut i don’t know if it works with fire breath.


Not really when I have video proof of accomplishing it.

Not really. When you kill the guy that traps you in an enclosed area preventing him from doing that, then that gives you the advantage of leaving the fight when you want to.

Then I guess you haven’t versed me man

You call it buggy? I only get those duds like 10% of the time using them, and when it happens I counter it with Fire Breath.

Not really about the hit and miss part. And evidently you haven’t versed me man. It’s my favorite move because it allows you not just to close in on your targets, but also deal a load of damage and knocks them back.