Was thinking of live streaming would anyone watch?


So its 5 am and when no sleep comes its time for Evolve. Was thinking of live streaming me working my way up the leaderboards with Wraith. Was just wondering if it is worth it and would anyone watch? :smiley:


There are always People watching Evolve streams… so yes :D. I’m streaming Evolve too and there are always some viewers no matter which time i stream and no matter if you’re a famous streamer or not :wink:


Ah I have tried before and I am on PS4 so maybe most people don’t like to watch the console ones but I always just sit at 0. :frowning:


I’m on PS4 too, just keep on streaming you will have some viewers with a little bit of endurance :smiley:
How is your Video quality ? I think the most deterrent thing for viewers is a bad video quality. As long as you don’t talk to much shit and have a good video quality you will have some viewers i don’t doubt that


Ah well I think it is good. I have it set to high but I am usually playing so I haven’t checked.


im #6 wraith in world on PC I stream all my matches anndd guess what no one watches lol maybe cause its wraith but whatever I only stream so people will see my games and know I don’t rage quit or anything cheesy… I don’t care if they stream snipe kinda hard to … even if they do its easy to rekt anyways lol

maybe if u did all hunters in rotation orrr monster other the nwraith lol then u might get a lot of viewers who knows…again as #6 wraith on pc I get 6-9 veiwers when I stream lol


you should really check it with a smartphone or computer… high quality setting doesn’t guarantee anything.

well, i think there are more streamers out there who stream as a monster player and less streaming as a hunter so you have far more ‘competition’ when streaming as a monster. that could be a reason you both have not so much viewers…
I for myself just stream as hunter, mostly as medic.