Was there?


So I saw some cool new monsters but was there any major one revealed? They all seemed to be just AI and we’ve yet to see a new major monster besides Goliath.


The Goliath is NOT the only playable monster in the game. They will be more and DLC monsters to :wink:


Yes I know there are more, but it’s getting a tad boring if we don’t know another playable one in the future >_>


Oh you’ll see more playable ones before the game comes out, don’t worry ;).

If we revealed everything all at once, instead of being a tad bored now, you’d experience EPIC boredom between now and release :P.

Gotta pace ourselves!


Maybe they do that closer to release day :smiley:


Yeah but it’s been a good while and you haven’t even given the slighest hint, something about a bird but not even a teaser or anything. If we’re only going to know about Goliath till almost the release date it’s going to be boring, VERY boring.


I’m waiting for these monsters :smile: Experience from track tells me to sprint :stuck_out_tongue: BUT I know that the excitement later will keep me interested a lot longer!


Well good, we’re on the same page. Because you won’t have to wait until just before release to see a new monster ;).


Btw. do you know anything about the footage you guys promise to show after PAX East?


It is coming. We’ve got a super high quality bar here, and just have a little more polishing to do before we show you more gameplay. But let me just say, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed ;).


well after hunting for gameplay on Youtube, i’m not disappointed at all, after those footage i have seen :smiley:


When the monster gives me heart palpitations I know it’ll be good!


I’ve seen all the PAX East Evolve related videos on YouTube and I’m so excited and proud of everyone at TRS. Keep this shit up! Also excited after hearing the Frag Doll interview about the competitive future for Evolve. Goliath still has me pumped :smile:


Will it be gameplay by people who played it at pax east or completely new gameplay?


Can you show us an full game , with 2 video , one on the point of view of monster and an other from hunter?


The video they will post will probably be this. If you have seen the past gameplay videos then the view changes from hunter to monster


Maybe “Hint hint” they show us game play of the new monster upcoming as a teaser…:slight_smile:


@JD_2020 Hey when are you coming over to eat Bacon? :b