Was there supposed to be 'Evolve 2' with alternative ending to the story?

These are the concept art from Scott Flanders I found - the concept artist who worked in Evole game.
I’m not sure if these were ever posted here on the forum other than SwordHyde picture. I have never played Evolve myself but after reading some brief story and some discussion on the official discord, these artworks seemed to be what was supposed to be “Evolve 2 characters” - as a more story driven full fedged game or expansion that contradict the final story. However there were restrictions (see how Evolve died), that caused most of these idea to be scrapped… the current story feels “rushed”, and the amount of the characters who are killed off seems almost sarcastic to the game situation.

It seemed like the story of these supposed concepts still used the idea of Kala becoming a monster that turned Shear into Wasteland as what happened in the “officially unoffical lore” - but the outcome of the event was different. There were more survivors of the event (The final only has Hyde + Daisy/Slim/Jack left on Shear. And Sunny/Parnell/“Warbucket” using Patterson against monster).

In these concept art - it seems like Abe, Caira, Lennox, Hank, Torvald, Maggie and Griffin will be alive post-cataclysm (And Crow MAY be dead). The way Monster situation end may prove to be different too? Hyde is also not going to be Kali-Mutant, but he still looks like a pretty badazz team leader here like the final plot.

(And I love the idea that “The Crab” Savage Slim here may results from of his gene being already unstable - and Kali catalysed his mutation process further…)

The art can be found here, see how it is labelled “e2”… Evolve 2?? https://www.artstation.com/artwork/K4WPo

Savage Slim and Warbucket can also be found here https://www.artstation.com/artwork/oyLYW


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Quick edit: have a look at these threads, they’ve tried making as clear of a timeline as possible and putting art to missing parts, respectively


Yes, I’ve been looking at these threads before I decided to post it. Apparently there artworks do not exactly represent what was decided to be an end to Evolve so I put it up to see if it actually represented scrapped storyline that bears nothing to actual Evolve story anymore. Although some of the idea was used (like Warbucket).


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Edit: Alright yeah, so it seems from reading like OP already had a good idea of what exactly was supposed to be the “End Game” of Evolve. Few remaining hunters take on Kali, we win but kinda don’t, whatever.

The extra characters are explored adaptations that either didn’t make the cut or didn’t make it before 2K pulled the plug. That’s all we know, really.


Thanks for the input, it seemed like if Evolve got big and 2K didn’t have to pull the plugs, the story may end up differently too. A lot of Stage 2 and “End game” story seemed to be made in participation of the death of the games = so death of many hunters

I read it on the forum that Scott Flanders wanted to do Griffin comics as well.


these are amazing.

These do look rather boss :slight_smile:
Maybe Evolve 2 is in the works somewhere

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Well there was supposed to be more Evolve in general but to hell with good story, character development and original gameplay/design right?