Was there any random update or something? (965mb)


Steam just asked me if i wana update or launch the game and i clicked update and it shows i have to download 965mb ?!!!


This might be a micropatch




Hey don’t shoot the messenger! Lol do you have the new maps and everything or pending dlc?


Its the micro patch, it involves a lot of code so its rather large ^-^


I have everything, recently steam fucked me and instead of last 7gb, i had to download entire 32.5gb game !

Thats a big fucking MICRO… i think we should rename it !


Alongside the micropatch, PC actually got a regular patch as well.

patch notes

So it isn’t just a micropatch taking up nearly a gigabyte.


Look on the bright side, if my shitty internet can get it done in 30 minutes then yours will do it better ^.-


I never knew bunch of codes could this much space… !

Seriously i have never seen lines of codes taking this much space !


If steam could work properly… Its downloading at 23.5kbps … Thats like 1/20th speed or something ~.~ !

Somehow steam made it to 1/3rd part of update now it shows 6hrs remaining ! That 1/3rd took like 2 mins D: !


This is good notes for when I build a PC, note to self get a 2 terabyte or larger hard drive lol


At least it isnt didnt uninstall Evolve on you again :laughing:


If that happens, then im in a state what we call ‘absolutely fuckedup’ !

Well the steam downloading bar shows 3/4th finished and steam still shows downloading @ 23kbps !


Now steam shows my peak is 3,432,432,896.0 GB/s !


Yeah mine did that too, it zoomed to 3/4 then it started its normal rate


Felt micro to me. Took less than a minute to download…


Almost a GB in a min ?


I guess so. ^.-
I logged on steam, got the bar (shows downloading in progress), and then played it in under a minute. O.o



get internetz guys :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not only a micropatch to the PC, it’s a proper patch because we got bug fixes, if it were a micropatch we’d only get the balance and not the bug fixes