Was the mode selection always on the left?

Today I awoke to a weird sight where the mode selection was on the left instead of the right, which I swore to god has been on the right ever since the beta… But for some reason it’s on the left side and not how I originally remember it to be.

I don’t like it. TRS fix this :cry:

I think it’s always been on the left until you select skirmish or hunt.

But now I’m not certain…

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Yep. Mode select on the left, look for game on the right


I’m not crazy!

I remember everything but the main menu screen to be on the right side.

Welp, it’s not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It wasn’t like that yesterday… I swear I’m having serious jumbled memories.

Im like 100978579% sure it’s never been like that

I’m 100978580% sure it wasn’t always like that. Even @TheMountainThatRoars is confused about it.

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What is that black magic you’ve come across?!

Looks normal to me…

Can confirm what @ToiletWraith said. Mode selection has always been on the left. The menus move to the right for “Find Game” and “Role Preferences” selection. Been this way since the beta.

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I’ve probably never noticed because I just keep clicking till it starts to find a match haha

Yes… The mode selection has always been on the left. The SEARCH button, Preferred Role, etc. that appear after selecting the multiplayer mode have always been on the right.


Question answered!

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I’m having serious Mandela effect today. I don’t understand anything anymore.

I thought it was always on the left…?

EDIT: I actually read the thread… It was left c: