Was the Goliath given steroids last night?


Played the game for a few hours last night with the monster as a bot, and holy cow, the Goliath kicked our butts so terribly bad. lol.

He’s normally a minor challenge of course, but last night, we lost over and over again.
We had no problems taking down the Wraith or the Kraken, surprisingly. But man the Goliath was brutal.

Thought maybe TRS threw him a shot for a day, get his stats up or something. lol


No, but the AI seems to pick it’s difficulty at random ATM.


yeah i played some solo to get a mastery the first match we killed the goliath in like 1 minute

ive restarted the match and he fucked us up pretty badly


The AI goliath can be very brutal sometimes lol. His accuracy is just so good!


His rock throws are pure perfection doesn’t matter if you jetpack dash twice he still gets ya xD


He’s got homing rocks.

He also managed to juggle me far too often. punch the crap out of me, dash slam me while still flying, got me separated from the group before setting me on fire and hitting me with a boulder. lol


Honestly that should always happen. He has three heavy displacement abilities he can cycle. If you’re not on your ass he’s doing something wrong.


If we are talking bot monsters only, Goliath seems to have best AI.


perfect rock throws? da fuck my goliaths are alwayys missing o.o


The Bot’s level of competence is highly incongruous. It goes from being cringe-worthy to scarily good in between games. I don’t know how or why, but whatever. : /