Was the dam relay cheat ever fixed?


I strongly suspect I was just playing against a team of cheats. Wish I had taken a screenshot but basically the medic and support were perched up on two different places that I couldn’t get to as the monster, either climb to or warp blast. One place was on a ledge that looked like I should be able to climb it, the other place was a tiny ledge in the middle of the dam. Any of this sound familiar?


They haven’t been fixed, afaik.


Is there anyone at TRS who’d want to see captured footage of that cheating? Bc if they were cheating then fuck those guys. I was a ‘determining rank’ monster going against the same silver tier team for the third hunt in a row, they’d beaten me the first two times as kraken but I was still game and had a full health wraith ready to cause them a lot of trouble at the relay. Would have been a great fight, but unless I’m wrong, they ruined it by cheating.


Just revisited the scene in a custom game. They were definitely cheating.


Relays are getting changes in the next Title Update that should hopefully take care of these types of issues! :smiley:


That’s more an exploit exploit than a hack. Cheating’s a more broad term for most unfair shit going on, including, but not limited to exploits and hacks.

As mountain pointed out, the Devs are fixing a shitload of map exploits on the next TU (not the micropatch).


Hunters have done this to me as well on the Dam. I was actually able to beat the team that was doing it to me though by landing perfect rock throws and then jumping up and flame breathing them till they fell.


Yeah I have seen the same thing myself. Here is a screenshot of the spot that they used.


Yup, that screenshot has both the spots. Silver tier team against a determining rank monster they’d already beaten twice in a row. I was all pumped up for some immanent revenge too, the little bitches.


nice work - wraith’s aren’t so lucky :frowning:


Worst part is you can’t force them out of it by useing the relay either. They have a perfect sight line to it.


Yeah that’s why I’m happy The devs answered whether or not they fixed this in the big update long ago because even if the hunters are winning they would use it which is just a low blow.


HAHAHAHAHA I remember a while ago when a team was using these spots against me as Wraith, the support was standing on that cliff, had 3 points into abduction - abducted her as far as I could - sneak pounced - dead. Abducted medic after that - sneak pounce + warp plast + heavy = dead. Then I killed the rest of the team. They thought they could win by doing this shit, laughed so hard when I got that win.


OK so it’s 3 points on abduction next time I play wraith on dam.


Level 3 abduction is the bomb, combined with ability cooldown buff you can abduct once every 5 seconds. :smiling_imp:


It’s frustrating but all you need to land is one rock throw, abduction etc. and the hunter isn’t going back up there.

If you play Behemoth, cheesing the relay is probably justified here.


Except you can’t. From most of my experiences they have just enough of a angle that if you misplace the wall a tiny bit they can still shoot over it.