Was System Link ever officially answered?


I have searched the term ‘system link’ and saw it asked a couple of times but was never able to find an official answer. I know the reddit AMA is tomorrow but unfortunately I won’t be able to participate around that time, so if it hasn’t been answered could someone shoot it out there?

While the possibility of Esports would strongly indicate a LAN environment, it would still be reassuring to hear an official answer.

Thanks everyone

Already hacks in this game? add lan...im not the only one

System link?


Yeah, playing with friends, locally, without the aid of internet or splitscreen.


Ohh doubt it because it works trough steam. :slight_smile: but someone has to confirm that tho.


Sorry, I was more referring to the consoles (xbox/playstation) version of Evolve.


Competitive will be PC in the beginning, thats what we ( the community ) are planning atleast :slight_smile:


If it won’t be added then I am sure if there will be enough of people demanding it they will add it because as @SlabOMeat said the competetive side of the game will be decided by the players.


Ok so… I want to officially get the ball rolling for System Link on Consoles then :wink:


I am not planning competitive on pc? xD


I am pretty sure that is a feature that will be added on launch. Just based off of personal opinion not factual.


The devs already said it cant be done.
Edit: Scratch what i said before i have no idea i was thinking of split-screen which is impossible


My big fear is with the timeline winding down, System Link gets cut in order to spend time and resources in more pressing places. I’m also not sure if it’s a feature that can be added post-launch… but I would love to hear from someone who knows more than I do on the matter, preferably a Dev.

I guess it’s a good sign that Evolve got bumped back to February from it’s original October release date though.


They have an AMA Reddit thread going up in a couple of hours, you should ask there


Will do, I originally wasn’t going to be available in that time frame but was able to move some things around. Thanks for the link


They didn’t reply to my question. I did learn a lot of awesome info about the game going over the answers, but ultimately didn’t see anything on system link from anyone else either.

I have a cabin trip coming up (remote and internet-less) and finding out if Evolve will support system link is paramount. I actually delayed the trip to right after Evolve’s release with the intention of nonstop hunting each other for a week straight.

It won’t be possible for us if Evolve is without System Link.

Please, let me know


If it takes me constantly bumping my own thread to get it noticed and answered/addressed, I will do it shamelessly.


They’ve been busy and it’s the weekend :slight_smile: it was the christmas party in london aswell.


Yeah, I didn’t expect an immediate answer the moment I posted this question, but I’ve been very impressed with the amount of interaction they have had with their community and figure if I remain persistent, I may finally get my answer.


I actually was one of the first to ask this back awhile ago, glad to see a bump on it.


Yup, you’re original post, back in April or May I believe, was the first topic that popped up when I searched for System Link but unfortunately it was never answered.

I created a new topic, solely about System Link, hoping we were close enough to the release date for an official answer.