Was Sunny Intended to have Sticky Grenades?


I’m not sure if this has been posted before, I did try the search feature first. Maybe @MacMan will be able to answer this one, because I know I’ve heard Sunny on several occasions mention sticking grenades to various monsters, especially the Wraith. The voice lines sound very out of place considering the fact that her grenades don’t stick, they just explode. Was she originally intended to have a Sticky Grenade Launcher? Why was it scrapped? Why leave those particular voice lines in?

So many questions!


I’ve heard this dialogue, about her covering a monster in grenades. Very strange.


She says it about the eggs in Nest mode too. I believe it is something along the lines of, “grenades stick to these real well!” or something like that. Never heard her say it about a Monster but I wouldn’t be surprised.


I don’t think she meant it literally


I’m pretty sure she does, she has quite a few lines about sticking the grenades TO the monster.


I think it is meant as an expression like “Im sticking to these problems like glue” you’re not really sticking to them but you are focusing on them (“sticking”) as if you were stuck.

If it isn’t that then idk


Eh, I’d suggest playing a few rounds with sunny v wraith in solo mode if you want to hear the lines yourself, and it’s not just like “I’m sticking to you like glue” it’s more along the lines of “I’m going to be covering you in sticky grenades”.


I have been wondering about this as well. I’m glad I’m not the only one wondering.


Me too. That quote about stickies made me wonder. :stuck_out_tongue:


or like stick it to the man! :wink:


I doubt that she would mention literally “sticking grenades to the monster”. It sounds like they did the dialogue before the had the character finalized, possibly back when all the voice actors were hired much earlier in development.


You say you doubt it, but the voice lines are there. If I had recording software I’d go find some for you, but all I can really do is just tell you to try playing a few rounds solo with her against a wraith and listen carefully. It’s pretty clear that she’s implying her grenades are going to stick to the monster.